Here’s Your HSBC Routing Number

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You need to know your bank’s routing number if you want to set up wire transfers. These security numbers allow banks to recognize each other within the transfer. Keep reading to learn about HSBC’s routing numbers and how to use them:

HSBC Routing Numbers

For direct deposit to HSBC Bank the routing number is 022000020. For incoming wire transfers to HSBC Bank the routing number is 021001088.

Always double-check the routing number to ensure you’re using the appropriate one for the transaction type.

What Is a Routing Number?

Routing numbers, also known as route transit numbers or ABA numbers, are nine-digit security codes that identify the banks sending and receiving transferred funds. While you can have multiple bank accounts with different account numbers, the routing number assigned to a bank never changes.

Here are some situations when you might find yourself using a routing number:

Can Banks Have Multiple Routing Numbers?

Large banks such as Wells Fargo and Citibank possess multiple routing numbers that cover different geographic regions or different tasks, such as electronic vs. paper transfers. HSBC is among the 15 biggest banks in the U.S. and used to have different routing numbers depending on the state, but GOBankingRates confirmed with the company that it now uses only two.

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How Do You Find a Routing Number on a Check?

The routing number on a check is located in the bottom-left corner, next to your account number. If you ever find a different routing number on your check than the one on your bank’s website, it likely means that the routing number was assigned based on your bank’s location.

What Is the HSBC Routing Number for International Transfers?

Banks use SWIFT codes for international transfers. HSBC’s SWIFT code is MRMDUS33. Be sure to use the routing number 021001088. According to HSBC, the information you’ll need to receive a wire transfers includes:

Wire transfers can also be canceled for a full refund within a half-hour of placing the order, provided the funds haven’t already been picked up.

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Information accurate as of Feb. 10, 2022.