Walmart Credit Card Application: How To Get Instant Approval

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Shopping season has officially begun, and though you may be tempted to dig into your savings account, it would be nice to have a credit card at a place you are going to frequent before the holidays. Walmart has the convenience of being a one-stop-shop, so it may make sense to apply for its credit card. There is no time like the present — pun intended — to get started. So how do you get instantly approved for Walmart credit?

How To Get Instantly Approved for the Walmart Credit Card

If you shop at Walmart often, you are probably already keen on how to avoid money traps and save money. Getting a Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard might make your purchasing power go further — it offers 5% cash back on purchases from Walmart.com and 2% back at Walmart stores and fuel stations, as well as on restaurant and travel purchases. As long as you exceed the basic requirements, you will get instantly approved by applying online or in-store. Here are the requirements:

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If you don’t quite fit the above criteria, that doesn’t mean you cannot get a Walmart credit card — it just is less likely you’ll be instantly approved. If you’re not approved for the Mastercard, you might still be eligible for the Walmart Rewards Card, which can only be used for purchases from Walmart.

How To Apply for the Walmart Credit Card

There are two ways to apply for a Walmart credit card: in the store or online.

How To Apply for the Walmart Credit Card In-store

When at a Walmart location, you can either apply for the Walmart credit at the register or at the jewelry counter. Any Walmart location would have this application available for you.

How To Apply for the Walmart Credit Card Online

If you apply for the Walmart credit card online, there is a likelihood that you can get instantly approved and get a temporary card number. You can use this number immediately for purchasing.

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To apply online, you’ll need to log in to your Walmart account — or create one with your email address if you don’t have an account yet — and follow the prompts from there. You can also see if you’re pre-approved before applying, to find out if you’re likely to be approved without hurting your credit score.


In most cases, you will know straight away if you are approved or denied. If you meet all the requirements, there is more than a good chance that you will get instantly approved for a Walmart credit card.


  • What credit score do you need to get a Walmart credit card?
    • Instant approval for the Walmart credit card requires a credit score of 640 or higher.
  • What bank does Walmart credit card go through?
    • The Walmart credit card is a Mastercard issued by Capital One.
  • How can I get Walmart credit?
    • To get a Walmart credit card, you must be at least 18 years of age with a U.S. mailing address and Social Security number. You can apply either online or in-store.
  • Can I get approved for a Walmart credit card with no credit?
    • It may be difficult to qualify for a Walmart credit card with no credit. You won't be instantly eligible, since that requires a credit score of 640 or higher, but you could try applying online or in-store to see if an option is available.

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