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Posted in Contests • August 18, 2010

Congratulations to Nick at Step Away from the Mall! His article College: Don’t buy a Rolls-Royce when you can only afford (or only need) a Honda! has been voted as Readers’ Choice favorite!

Thanks to all participants in helping make this project a success!


PF writing project postsWhat’s This All About?

Our recent Education and Wealth group writing project is picking up some steam, and you can read all of the participating blog posts on this page. We’ll be updating it regularly until the project ends on September 7.

If you’re a blogger, and you’d like to participate, check out our project announcement page here to learn more. The topic we’ve chosen is Education and Wealth, and it’s open to all types of blogs.

How Can I Vote for My Favorites?

Voting is simple. Leave a comment with your name and list up to 3 of your favorite posts. You can comment once per day through 11:59pm PST Monday, September 13.

Please do not vote on your own article.

Please do encourage your readers and friends to vote for you!

What Does the Winner Get?

Once the votes are tallied, we’ll be sending the winner their own personalized Readers’ Choice badge for best blog entry. And they’ll get full bragging rights to share their special honor with their readers! There will also be an added small gift for the winner which we won’t be announcing here. Sorry, guys!

All participants in the U.S. and Canada who want to receive an earth-friendly Go Banking Rates reusable tote bag from us are welcome. We’ll be contacting each writer with details.

So Who’s Participating?

Here’s the updated list of all participants. If you’ve already submitted your post, you should see your entry included within 1-2 days.

1. Education and Wealth: You Don’t Need a College Degree, But You Need an Education by Ryan at Cash Money Life

2. Five Ways To Save Over $30,000 On The Cost Of A College Education by Hank Coleman at Own the Dollar

3. Does a College Education Equal Financial Security and Wealth? by PT at PT Money

4. Use Your Employer’s Tuition Assistance Or You Are Wasting A Portion Of Your Paycheck by Hank Coleman at Military Money Might

5. Financial Tips for College Success by Elle at Couple Money

6. Higher Education Can Have A Negative Effect On Your Level Of Wealth by Peter at Bible Money Matters

7. Should You Live at Home While Attending College? by Miranda at Moolanomy

8. 9 Ways For Students To Get Textbooks For Less from Craig at Free From Broke

9. 7 Ways to Further Your Education Without Paying Full Price from Amanda at My Dollar Plan

10. Should You Invest In An Ivy League College Education? from The Digerati Life

11. What You Need to Know Before You Get a Student Loan from Bob at Christian PF

12. 22 Signs Your College Degree Might Not Be Worth the Money from Len Penzo

13. Are You Getting the Best Value for Your College Education Buck? from Miranda at

14. 5 Ways to Save Money as a College Student from Miranda at Money Ning

15. Finish College Without Student Loan Debt from Tom Drake at Canadian Finance Blog

16. C-Students of the World, Unite…The Times They Are a Changin’ from Stu at Pennywise 2 Pennyworth

17. School Shows You How to Be Poor from The Financial Blogger

18. Get Rich or Die Tryin’ from MD at The Dividend Guy Blog

19. College Saving Tips – LESS is MORE! from Dolla Thug

20. Education, Wealth, and You…a Trifecta Balance from Little House at Little House in the Valley

21. 6 Ways To Save Money on College Textbooks from Erik Folgate at Money Crashers

22. Is College Worth The Cost? from J. Money at Budgets are Sexy

23. Trial and Error are Rotten Teachers from Control Your Cash

24. A Financial Education Pays More than A College Degree by Kate Kashman at The Paycheck Chronicles,

25. College: Don’t buy a Rolls-Royce when you can only afford (or only need) a Honda! from Nick at Step Away From the Mall

26. Tutoring Gone Wild in America from Darwin at Darwin’s Finance

27. Would You Bet On Your Own Academic Success? from Jesse at PF Firewall

28. How to Save a Bunch of Money Buying College Textbooks from Ryan at Spilling Buckets

29. College: An investment in yourself and your future, but is it enough? from Suzanne at Straight Talk on Debt

[Don't forget to help out the blog community by commenting on the above posts, Tweeting your favorites, and voting for them on your favorite social media sites!]

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  • Lauren

    25 – Step Away from the Mall

  • Kathleen

    #19 is great! Less is definitely more!

  • Jeremy

    If voting is still open, add another vote for #25 Step Away From The Mall

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