GO in the Know: ‘Heatflation’ Effects, Retirement Stimulus & Top Financial News for July 20

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It’s National Hot Dog Day, and hot diggity dog do we have a batch of the top financial stories of the day just for you.

The Big Lead: Food Prices and Security Hit by ‘Heatflation’

Record-breaking heat waves across the globe are destroying crops, pushing up food prices and putting the food systems of many nations at risk.

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Retirement Spotlight: See if You Qualify for the $2,000 Saver’s Credit

Concerns over how the Social Security system will hold up under an avalanche of new retirees have the federal government coming up with all kinds of ways to encourage people to save for retirement — including paying you for contributing to your retirement account.

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That’s Interesting: Student Loan Survey Reveals If Debt Was Forgiven, Millennials Would Buy Homes

A new survey found that 69.9% of millennial borrowers polled who intended to buy their first home in the next four to nine years believe they could shorten that timeline with student loan forgiveness.

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Social Security Bonus: 6 Things To Know if You Want To Retire Soon

Here’s a look at the most important things you’ll want to know about Social Security if you want to retire soon.

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