I’m a Financial Advisor: 2 Things To Remember To Keep Your Retirement Planning Fun

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As a kid, I used to take frequent camping trips with my family during the summer. One of the things that always fascinated me was riding in the motorhome with my grandparents.

My grandpa had a floating ball compass mounted on the dash, and my grandma was his co-pilot with a foldable map with the highlighted route and a walkie-talkie for communication with the rest of the group. Those trips were an adventure, and these tools were their guides.

Fast forward to today, and so much has changed. The floating ball compass has given way to digital GPS monitors, the foldable map is stowed away in the glove box, and that walkie-talkie has been replaced by cell phones at arm’s reach. But amidst all this change, one thing remains constant: the plan. We always knew where we were going, even if we didn’t have every detail figured out. It’s this same concept that should apply to planning for retirement: It can be fun, just like planning your vacation.

Planning Is a Long-Term Adventure

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and prioritize immediate pleasures, like that well-deserved vacation. After all, who wouldn’t want to enjoy their hard-earned money now? But here’s the thing: Retirement is like a 20-plus-year vacation that is years into the future, and it deserves some planning, too.

Think about it. When you embark on a vacation, you don’t just hop in the car and drive aimlessly. You have a destination in mind, maybe even a few key stops along the way. You’ve mapped out your route, planned your accommodations and considered your budget. Retirement planning follows a similar logic.

Are You Retirement Ready?

Just like you wouldn’t blindly drive across the country without a map or GPS, you shouldn’t approach retirement without a financial plan. That’s where the fun begins. Planning for retirement can be an exciting journey that allows you to envision your future, set goals and make strategic decisions.

Your Goals Need a Financial GPS

Your retirement goals serve as significant milestones along your incredible journey. They are the sign posts that guide you, ensuring you stay on the right path — like the giant state signs on your cross-country trip that help you measure your progress and know you’re headed in the right direction.

In the world of financial planning, you have a powerful tool at your disposal: a financial GPS. This GPS (also known as a road map) can skillfully chart your course, leading you to your retirement destination faster, more efficiently and with the added benefit of anticipating potential obstacles along the way.

It’s essential to ask yourself a critical question: When it comes to your financial future, are you merely driving across town, where a GPS might be unnecessary, or are you embarking on a long and complex journey filled with uncertainties and potential detours? In the latter case, investing in a financial GPS can make all the difference.

So, pause for a moment and reflect: Do you or your financial advisor still rely on outdated methods like pencil and paper, or have you/they embraced the power of a financial GPS?

Are You Retirement Ready?

The choice you make can determine not only the quality of your financial journey but also how bright your golden years will shine. Just as a reliable GPS can turn a daunting cross-country adventure into a smooth and enjoyable ride, the right financial GPS can transform your retirement into a truly golden experience.

Editor’s note: Connor Bauserman is a dedicated certified financial advisor at Preferred Financial Group.

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