Brigit Review 2022: Fast Cash and Financial Insights

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Quick Take: With overdraft fees often hovering around $35 per occurrence, a cash advance app, such as Brigit, could save you some money.
  • Loan Amount
  • Fee
  • Features
  • Security
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  • No credit check
  • No fees or interest for cash advances
  • Credit building tools and identity theft protection
  • Auto cash advances if overdraft is predicted


  • Paid subscription is required
  • Lower cash advance amount than some competitors

    Brigit Overview

    Like many other cash advance apps, Brigit delivers funds to your connected bank account that you’re required to repay upon your next paycheck. And Brigit has its share of believers, including celebrity backing from pro basketball star Kevin Durant and actor Ashton Kucher.

    However, you’ll have to pay a subscription fee of almost $10 to access cash advances. Even so, the additional features the app offers might be worth the monthly expense — especially if you’re interested in building your credit.

    Key Features

    Brigit boasts over 3 million members. Here are some of the key features of Brigit to help you understand why it’s so popular.

    Loan Amount

    Brigit’s maximum loan amount is $250, which is a lower loan amount than some of the other popular cash advance apps offer. However, it’s still very much in line for the industry.

    If you need access to more than $250 at a time, however, you’ll want to look elsewhere.


    Although Brigit offers a free version of its app, which offers real-time alerts, budgeting tools and spending habit insights, you’ll have to opt for the Plus Plan and pay $9.99 per month to be able to request and receive cash advances.

    In addition to everything the free plan offers, the Plus Plan also offers a credit builder and $1 million in identity theft protection.


    Brigit offers a variety of features. However, some of them are only available with the Plus Plan.

    The Free Plan doesn’t offer cash advances, but does offer you information on your past, current and future financial outcomes and personalized tips to help you improve your financial health. It can also help you find side gigs.

    The Plus Plan, which costs $9.99 monthly, offers everything the Free Plan does, plus cash advances, a credit builder installment loan program, tools to help you monitor and improve your credit, instant deposit, auto advances, flexible repayment options and $1 million in identity theft protection.


    Brigit uses the same 256-bit encryption that big banks use. Furthermore, Brigit does not ask for your Social Security number.

    How Brigit Stands Out

    Brigit stands out because it not only offers cash advances that are in line with the industry, but it also can help you build your credit.

    Additionally, as long as you request the cash advance before 10 a.m. EST, Monday-Friday, you’ll receive the funds the same day, which other apps are known to charge an expediting fee for. If you make your request after 10 a.m. EST, on a bank holiday or on a Saturday or Sunday, however, your funds will arrive the next business day.

    Comparable Cash Advance App Options

    Brigit has a fair amount of competitors. Here are two options you might want to consider that offer higher cash advances.


    Vola offers up to $300 as a cash advance — $50 more than Brigit’s maximum. Also, you never have to wait for the money; the advance happens the same day within a time frame of five hours. Like Brigit, Vola does charge a subscription fee for its services, which ranges from $2.99 to $28.99.

    However, Vola’s features are nowhere near as robust as Brigit’s. The app offers alerts and spending analytics but not much more beyond that.


    At $500, Dave offers the largest cash advance in the industry, which is twice what Brigit offers.

    While Dave’s monthly subscription fee is only $1, as compared to Brigit’s $9.99 Plus Plan fee, you’ll pay a $0.99 to $6.99 express fee each time you want your cash transferred instantly to a Dave Spending account and an express fee of $2.99 to $11.99 per external transfer. Otherwise, you can opt for a free standard transfer, which takes one to three days.

    How Do You Qualify for Instant Cash on Brigit?

    To be eligible for a Brigit cash advance, you first have to meet Brigit’s minimum score qualifications. The minimum score you will need will be revealed to you in the app and ranges from 40 to 100. Brigit calculates your score based on an analysis of your spending behavior, earnings profile and bank account’s health.

    Here’s what is required to qualify:

    • You must have a checking account that has at least 60 days of activity recorded, and you must use your bank account daily to help Brigit detect your spending patterns.
    • You must have an account balance greater than $0.
    • You must have a remaining balance on the day you receive each paycheck and the following day to ensure that you’ll be able to pay back any Brigit cash advances.
    • Your bank account must reflect at least three recurring direct deposits from the same employer or qualifying direct deposit source.

    Once you determine you qualify for Brigit, you’ll need to download the app from Google Play or the App Store and enter your personal and bank account information. Once you’re approved to use the app, you can request cash advances.

    How Long Does It Take To Get Money from Brigit?

    Brigit offers two options for cash delivery: 1-3 business days or instantly.

    With the 1-3 business days option, advances requested before 10 a.m. EST should arrive within 1 business day, and those requested after 10 a.m. EST should arrive the following business day. If you request an advance on a weekend, it arrives the following business day — so if you request an advance on a Saturday, you should receive the cash on Monday.

    With instant cash advances, you can receive your cash within 20 minutes if you link your debit card to your Brigit account. This feature does come with a fee, which is currently not listed on the Brigit website, and may not be available to all users yet.

    Who Brigit Is Best For

    Brigit is best for someone who has an established checking account with at least 60 days of activity, needs a quick cash advance of $250 or less and is able to repay the advance on the next payday.

    Also, because there is a $9.99 recurring subscription fee, Brigit’s credit builder and identity theft protection need to be worth the monthly expense to the user.

    Final Take

    Brigit offers up to a $250 cash advance, which is in line for the industry. However, to access advances, you will have to opt for the Plus Plan, which requires a monthly subscription fee of $9.99. Depending on your financial needs, this cost might not be worth it.


    Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Brigit.
    • How much money will Brigit give you?
      • Brigit's cash advances are from $50 to $250. According to Brigit, the amount you will be approved for depends on your specific needs and the amount you will be able to comfortably repay.
    • What are Brigit's requirements?
      • To qualify for a cash advance, you must meet a qualifying score, which Brigit calculates based on the health of your bank account, how much you earn and how you spend your money.
    • How much does Brigit cost per month?
      • Brigit has a Free Plan. However, to access to cash advances, you'll need to opt for the Plus Plan and pay $9.99 per month.
    • What is the phone number for Brigit?
      • Brigit does not offer assistance by phone. Instead, it encourages users to chat with its virtual bot Jess, which is available 24/7. If the bot doesn't answer your questions, you will be routed to a chat session with a customer care associate.
      • You may also be directed to submit an online help ticket, which will receive a response within 24 hours.

    Editorial Note: This content is not provided by Brigit. Any opinions, analyses, reviews, ratings or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author alone and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by Brigit.

    This article was updated with additional information on cash delivery times on Aug. 2, 2022.

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