How to Use Amazon Prime’s Shop With Points Program to Save Money On Holiday Gifts

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People love getting cash back from their favorite rewards credit cards when they shop. With the holiday season approaching, you can use those points to reduce your holiday shopping costs. You can trade in points for gift cards that you can give to friends, loved ones, or even your children’s teachers. Or, you can use the credit card rewards points accrued after the holidays to pay down your post-holiday credit card bills.

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But did you know you can also use the points you have to save money right now on your Amazon purchases?

It’s easy to do and many credit card rewards cards offer Shop with Points as a benefit. Some of the credit card companies that offer the option to Shop with Points on Amazon include select:

  • Capital One rewards cards
  • American Express rewards cards
  • Discover rewards cards
  • Chase rewards cards
  • Citi rewards cards

Of course, you can also Shop with Points accrued from your Amazon Visa Signature credit card.

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How Does Shop With Points Work?

First, you’ll want to log in to your Amazon account and then click “Accounts & Lists.” This is where you manage many aspect of your Amazon account, including gift cards, payment methods, lists, user profiles, orders, archived orders, and more.

Click Payment Methods and add any card that offers the Shop with Points benefit to your account. You can set it as your default payment for convenience. You’ll earn rewards points when you shop and can then cash those point in toward future Amazon purchases.

When you go to check out and choose a payment method offers the Shop with Points option, you’ll be given a choice to Shop with Points.

How Much Are Amazon Points Worth?

In general, 100 rewards points for most cards equals $1 when you Shop with Points, or a penny a point. You may get better redemption values when you trade in your points for gift cards through your card’s rewards portal or even redeem for things like airline tickets through your credit card travel portal.

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That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use Shop with Points on Amazon, especially since it’s so easy and convenient. It can be a great way to stretch your holiday budget or purchase things you need for the fall and winter months, whether it’s a dress for the office holiday party or a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

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