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ETrade executed the first electronic stock trade for an individual investor in 1983 and continues to be a leading provider of online brokerage services to its customers today. Headquartered in New York City, ETrade has 30 branches across the U.S. and approximately 3,400 employees.
ETrade offers numerous types of brokerage accounts designed to help people manage savings and investments for the future, whether for children or retirement. Retirement accounts include personal traditional, Roth and rollover IRAs, as well as small business 401k and IRA products. ETrade’s managed account solutions include its Adaptive Portfolio, Managed Investment Portfolios and Unified Managed Account. Investment choices run the gamut from stocks and exchange-traded funds to bonds and futures.

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ETrade’s trading prices are relatively low: If you make more than 30 stock, options or ETF trades in a quarter, you’ll pay $4.95 per trade. Mutual funds don’t carry a transaction fee, and online, secondary bond trades cost $1.

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