GO in the Know: Inflation Delaying Americans’ Retirement & Top Financial News for June 16

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If you’ve found yourself saying, “Oh, fudge!” a lot lately, today is a fitting — it’s National Fudge Day. Now that you know that, here’s the lowdown on today’s top financial stories.

The Big Lead: Quarter of Americans Delaying Retirement Due to Inflation

For many Americans, skyrocketing inflation involves more than just griping about high prices — it means making fundamental lifestyle changes. A textbook example is this: About one-quarter of Americans have delayed retirement due to high inflation, according to a new report.

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Economy Spotlight: How Does Raising Interest Rates Help?

The Federal Reserve’s decision to hike interest rates a whopping 75 basis points for the first time in 28 years is intended to do one thing: Tamp down the highest inflation rate in more than four decades. Here’s how it’s supposed to work.

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Well That’s Concerning: Lindsey Graham Comments on Social Security Solvency

Sen. Lindsey Graham said seniors may have to “take a little less” and “pay a little more in” when discussing Social Security solvency. Graham made the comments while debating Sen. Bernie Sanders during a “Senate Project” debate.

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Bonus: A Bear Market Can Benefit Investing Newbies – Here’s How

Some analysts argue that a bear market might be the perfect time for new investors to get into the game.

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