Two Hidden Benefits of Your Credit Card

Since the 1970’s, credit cards have become the most convenient way to pay for consumer purchases. Without them, international travel, emergency car repairs, Internet shopping and renting a car would be nearly impossible. The amazing thing about most credit cards is that they have tons of hidden perks already built into them that consumers can easily benefit from.

Hidden Perk 1: Car Rental Insurance

Do your summer vacation plans include renting a car and driving from Point A to Point B? Then by using your credit card, chances are you are already getting a free level of rental car insurance that you need not opt into at the car rental counter.

Hidden Perk 2: Extended Warranties

Perhaps you purchased a new flat screen TV and only after watching it for a week the darn thing stopped working. Depending on the card you used, even if the store refuses to accept the return of your “used” merchandise, the credit card issuer may step in to either extend the warranty or make sure you are not charged for the purchase.

Although some perks such as automatic extended warranties, travel insurance, car-rental insurance are standard, it is important to review the complete terms of your credit card to see what they offer you.

Get Credit Card Perks

From money back guarantees, to shopping discounts to concierge service, there are tons of free perks out there for you to take advantage of for free!


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