Examples of Hidden Credit Card Fees

Just about everyone with a credit card has come to see the need for having one (or more), and so people put up with some pretty unpleasant aspects of their credit card ownership experience. One of these is the world of hidden fees. There are many hidden credit card fees lurking in the fine and not-so-fine print of your credit cardholder agreement, and if you take the time to learn about them you could end up saving yourself some money. Read on for some examples of hidden credit card fees.

When it comes to getting cash advances with your credit card, hidden fees abound. You’ll be charged a percentage of the actual amount you withdraw, and the advance will start accruing interest immediately. Another action you may want to think twice about is using your credit card abroad – many credit card companies charge fees for international use of their credit cards, again expressed as a percentage of the purchase cost. That can really add on a lot of costs to your travel budget.

Sometimes people are in danger of being late with their credit card payment, and need to make a quick phone call to the credit card company in order to get the bill paid promptly. That transaction can cost you as well, because calling the credit card company to make the payment is considered a privilege that you should pay for. The fee for a telephone payment can be as high as $20.

Credit card issuers will also charge you for lost cards, duplicate monthly statements, and other sundry transactions that can really add on to your monthly tally. To learn more about hidden credit card fees, credit card interest rates, or any other aspect of credit cards, be sure to speak to a representative of your credit card issuer. It would be worth it to go over your credit cardholder agreement line by line with them.

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