Maximize Credit Card Rewards With One of These Four Mobile Apps

how to maximize credit card rewards

how to maximize credit card rewards

When we think about mobile apps, addicting games like Angry Birds and services like Netflix usually come to mind. However, using the right apps can actually help you to manage and even maximize credit card rewards.

Need to enroll in quarterly 5% cash back categories with your Discover card? There’s an app for that. Want to calculate the number of airline miles you’ll earn on your next purchase? There’s an app for that as well.

How to Maximize Credit Card Rewards Using Apps

In fact, there are a few great apps that make earning, redeeming, and being able to maximize credit card rewards a little bit easier. The apps covered below are currently available for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

1. Official American Express App

American Express always tends to embrace new technology, and so it only makes sense that they would have not one, but four different apps available to download.

The standard American Express mobile app allows you to view your bill, make payments, see recent transactions and access benefits on the go, including locating airport lounges around the world.

This app also allows cardholders to claim exclusive deals and offers available at nearby retailers and restaurants. Some of the deals available work more like loyalty rewards programs and will give you bonus cash back after making 5 or 10 purchases at a specific merchant.

You can also access and use rewards points you earn on more than 70 brands of gift cards and over one million products. If you receive a gift card you can also check the balance through the app in seconds.

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2. Discover Mobile

With the Discover mobile app you can check account summaries, view balance and payment information, your available credit, Cashback Bonus balance and more.

If you have a Discover More Card, this app is great because it allows you to enroll in quarterly 5% Cashback Bonus programs to earn maximum rewards. You can also redeem your Cashback Bonuses for hundreds of eCertificates.

3. MileBlaster Credit Card Rewards App

The MileBlaster app can be a useful tool for frequent flyers. This free app allows you to track your frequent flyer and hotel points and alerts you when you reach an award or elite goal.

You’ll also receive alerts that prevent your miles from expiring at six months, three months, one month and one week ahead of expiration. You can also calculate the amount of miles you will earn on a flight using any loyalty program, helping you earn bonus miles on your next trip.

4. AwardWallet Credit Card Rewards App

For those of you with multiple rewards credit cards, this app will definitely come in handy. AwardWallet allows you to easily keep track of your loyalty programs, including frequent flyer miles, credit card points and hotel rewards.

You can access balances and reward numbers, see a detailed view of your reward programs and check your balance without an internet connection. Unfortunately, American Airlines is not yet listed on AwardWallet, although this may be a non-issue since they are likely to merge with US Airways in the near future.

The basic version of this app is free, while AwardWallet Plus is currently $4.99.

Get the apps to maximize credit card rewards:

American Express

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Discover Mobile




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