GOFreeCredit Review: Free and Easy Access to Your TransUnion Credit Score

Get alerts with credit monitoring services from GOFreeCredit.

GOFreeCredit is a website that lets you check your credit score for free when you sign up for a $1 trial of credit monitoring services from a partner company. Credit monitoring continuously watches for changes and suspicious activity on your three credit reports from TransUnion, Experian and Equifax.

GOFreeCredit offers credit monitoring services as a proactive tool for maintaining accurate information on your credit reports and catching fraud and identity theft early. It also provides up to $1 million in identity theft insurance. Read on to learn more about how GOFreeCredit helps you monitor your credit and protect your identity.

Monitor Your Credit Bureau Reports

Information might differ on each of your three credit bureau reports. You are entitled to a free copy of your TransUnion, Equifax and Experian credit reports each year. You can stagger those free copies — for example, ordering a different one every four months — however, you won’t catch inaccuracies on the other two reports by doing this. This could cause problems with credit approval or let identity theft go unchecked for several months.

Check Your Credit Today

Subscribers to credit monitoring services through GOFreeCredit don’t have to worry because all three of their credit reports are monitored continuously. Subscribers are instantly alerted to problems, no matter where they show up.

After the $1 trial, the monthly price for GOFreeCredit is $9.95, which is competitive with the three credit bureau monitoring services. For example, myFICO offers similar credit monitoring services at $29.95 a month, with no free trial.

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Check Your Credit Today
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Prepare for Big Purchases

GOFreeCredit also prepares you for big purchases such as a car or home by letting you do a free credit check. Reviewing your credit report and knowing your credit score are critical for those types of purchases. For example, if your credit reports have incorrect information, you might be denied a mortgage loan. Check credit scores while shopping for auto loans to get the best rate.

Check Your Credit Today

Easy Sign-Up and Cancellation at GOFreeCredit.com

Visit the GOFreeCredit site to start your $1 trial. Enter your name, email address and ZIP code, and the website will walk you through the sign-up process. Once your sign-up is complete, you’ll receive login information and gain access to your TransUnion credit score and TransUnion credit report.

After seven days, you’ll be billed $19.95 monthly, and the credit monitoring expands to your Experian and Equifax credit reports. If you decide you don’t want the credit monitoring services, cancel before your trial ends to avoid any charges beyond the initial $1. Simply go to GOFreeCredit’s cancellation page and enter your email address to start the cancellation process.

Pros and Cons of GOFreeCredit

In addition to the initial free credit score and free credit report provided during the $1 trial period, GOFreeCredit gives you unlimited access to your TransUnion score and credit report for as long as you subscribe to the credit monitoring services. Here are some other advantages and drawbacks to the service:

Check Your Credit Today


  • You can review your TransUnion credit report and TransUnion credit score as often as you wish while you’re a member.
  • The credit monitoring services offered by GOFreeCredit continuously review your reports at all three credit bureaus. You get alerts for activities such as new credit inquiries, accounts you didn’t open, job changes, late payments and other information.
  • Credit monitoring through GOFreeCredit allows you to detect suspicious activity early to catch and report identity theft and get started on a recovery plan.
  • GOFreeCredit provides you with your credit score, unlike the government website for free annual credit reports.
  • You can easily cancel the credit monitoring services online at any time.


  • GOFreeCredit charges $19.95 per month for credit monitoring services.
  • Credit monitoring alerts are not available from Experian and Equifax during the $1 trial period.
  • You won’t know about red flags that could indicate identity theft until they show up on your credit reports.
  • Similar to other credit monitoring services, GOFreeCredit doesn’t correct information on your credit reports because it doesn’t have the authority to do so.

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Check Your Credit Today
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GOFreeCredit Provides Peace of Mind

You can perform your own credit monitoring with your free annual credit reports, but you must remember to order them, and problems can arise during the 12-month gap. GOFreeCredit eliminates that risk and adds identity theft insurance as a bonus.

If you want a reliable company to handle your credit monitoring, use GOFreeCredit to help you catch credit report errors, stop identity theft in its early stages, and assist with your recovery in a worst-case scenario. For many people, the monthly charge is an investment in peace of mind.

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