10 Best and Worst Things to Do When Looking for a Place to Retire

  • Andy1

    Here is one to add to the list–a very important one, in my opinion. When researching where to retire, give serious consideration to whether your cultural, social, political and racial values will be respected. My wife and I knew that the red Southern state we retired to would be different from the blue New England state we had lived our whole lives in and where we developed our perspective on life. What we didn’t know was HOW DIFFERENT it would be. First, Southern hospitality is a myth. It applies if you are from the South. If you are from north of the Mason-Dixon line you are a “yankee”. You are irrelevant, except for your bank account, which they are more than happy to deplete. Second, racism is alive, well and prospering in the South. It may have been driven somewhat underground in the past fifty years but it is there, never far below the surface, waiting to explode on a moment’s notice. If you live here you will regularly be confronted with unabashed, unashamed racism. Third, “family values” is another Southern Republican myth perpetrated to garner votes from one issue voters. In the land of “family values”, funding for things that support the health, education and well-being of families is consistently underfunded and then cut more.

    I could go and on. Don’t take my word for it, do your research.

    • PLBRossi

      From someone who was born in RI, moved to Fl when I was 4, joined the AIr Force and left FL at 27, traveled the world in the military living in Delaware, Texas, Germany, Nevada, and North Carolina, returning to my “home” state at age 60 to be close to family. I found EVERYTHING you just said Andy1 to be so sadly true. If I can find the means and way to leave here and head North or west, I would love to in a second.