How Sprinkling in Some Holiday Magic Sells My Properties

This real estate pro knows how to stage a house in winter.

For many people, the holidays are a time for food, fun and family. But for me, since I work in real estate, it’s a time where I can use all that yuletide cheer and make the most out of the sale of my homes. With a few extra decor pieces and a sprinkle of holiday spirit, I crank up the cozy in my homes and set the mood for the sale. Keep reading to discover simple tips for selling your home for a profit.

Dollars for Scents

Houses have the best opportunity to look and smell amazing during the holiday season, as it’s a fabulous time for scents — my favorites being pine, spruce, cinnamon sugar and vanilla. No matter what time of the year it is, the smells always bring me back to memories of happiness and homeyness, feelings that also make buyers buy. Being aware of this, I always have my houses fully stocked with these scents, whether it’s in the form of candles, potpourri or plug-ins. No need to spend a ton of cash on these simple items — I generally find the best scents at the dollar store. And scents aren’t solely from candles. I am a big believer in old-fashioned realtor traditions. Baking apples or brewing a pot of spiced cider is one of those insider tips for selling a house that does in fact work. It’s an inexpensive way to make my homes feel warm and cozy.

Total cost: $20 – $50

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Deck the Halls

I like decking the halls, but not the entire house. As much as I love my lifesize Santa, I am pretty sure it may scare off some children. My 6-foot tree looks great to me, but generally not to buyers who try to see what’s around it. I don’t want to push away buyers from potentially purchasing my home, so if I can prevent that from happening while still incorporating the holiday feel, I do just that. I stay away from religious-themed items, but I do spruce things up with some foliage and simple holiday accents, like succulents, poinsettias, cranberries, forest greens, and silvers and golds. I stay neutral with my decor, incorporating nutcrackers, jeweled picture frames and vases full of pine cones.

Total cost: $50 or less

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Light But Not Bright

Whether it’s the holiday season or summertime, I make sure to place emphasis on lighting in my homes. People love natural light. They want to see what they’re really buying, not something dressed up. I don’t attach or string holiday lights on my houses, but instead, I accent the outdoor landscaping with spot lights of warmer colors (usually yellow or soft green), and I always lead a welcoming path to the front door. Inside, beautiful lit candles make a home shine while bringing a sense of calmness and serenity. If my homes have a fireplace (and even if it’s 80 degrees outside), I’ll drop that AC to a chill and rev up that fire.

Total cost: $100 – $200

These little touches are a surefire way to sell a home during the holiday season, whether you’re in real estate yourself or simply looking to dress up your own home for a sale.

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