10 Signs You’re Not Saving Enough for Retirement

Find out what you should do to have enough money to retire.
  • Harry

    The key is to start saving/investing early in life and be consistent (save with every paycheck). Taking advantage of a matching 401k plan should be a no brainer. The power of compounding is lost on many people. Also maxing out contributions when possible, eliminating debt, avoiding risks with your nest egg, planning for multiple streams of income once retired (social security, pensions, dividends, part time work, etc.) and making catch up contributions once you reach 50 should all be part of everyone’s plan. And work at staying healthy to reduce illness, injuries and medical costs. I recently found the site Retirement And Good Living which provides information on all these issues as well as many other retirement topics and also has several retirement and health calculators.

  • Nate Webb

    Index Universal Life Insurance is a living benefit with retirement

  • Brenda Howard

    This is the best time to catch up and start making contributions to savings plans and retirement accounts if you haven’t started yet. Why? There are several reasons why people should save for retirement and one of them is the devastating cost of medical or long-term care expenses. I think aside from having enough retirement income, it would be best to have critical illness insurance too. It works this way, it pays for a lump sum of money once the policyholder is diagnosed with critical illness like heart ailments, cancer, kidney ailments and others. The medical expenses associated with these illnesses can wipe out your entire retirement funds and as a matter of fact, about 1 million Americans will have to file for bankruptcy due to this pressing need. To those who are interested, fpsinsurance offers free critical illness insurance quotes that can help consumers find an affordable coverage that can benefit them the most in the future.

    • Cha Rob

      For the most part Canadians do not have to worry about having Health coverage at ANY age..One good thing Canada has over the US ..Hospitals /Doctors ETC No Charge ..Young or Old.