Most Think Bankruptcy Is an Acceptable Way To Escape Student Loan Debt — Do You Agree?

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The Supreme Court is expected to rule this week on President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan, which would forgive up to $20,000 per borrower.

Take Our Poll: Do You Think Bankruptcy Is an Acceptable Way To Escape Student Loan Debt?

Repayments already are scheduled to restart in October after a long pandemic-related pause, and the Supreme Court will determine whether borrowers will need to repay their full amounts.

An expert recently told GOBankingRates that about 20% of borrowers have defaulted on loans worth about $124 billion.

“Relieving debt through bankruptcy will be an option that many borrowers may be able to turn to instead,” said Jonathan Petts, CEO of Upsolve, a non-profit organization that helps individuals file bankruptcy without using a private attorney.

A poll by GOBankingRates indicated many people agree with that approach: 57% of the 5,000 or so respondents said they think bankruptcy is an acceptable way to escape student loan debt.

What do you think?

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