Final Wave of $1,050 California Stimulus Will Send by January — Are You Eligible?

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The Middle Class Tax Refund, California’s final wave of stimulus payments, started going out to eligible state taxpayers on Dec. 19, 2022. Payments will continue to be mailed out to citizens through Jan. 14. Eligible Californians will receive $200 to $1,050, depending on their earnings and filing status. 

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According to the State of California Franchise Tax Board, you are eligible for the MCTR if you live in California on the date the payment is issued and you: 

  • Filed your 2020 tax return by Oct. 15, 2021 — or by Feb. 15, 2022, if you applied for an individual taxpayer identification number but did not receive it by Oct. 15, 2021.
  • Meet the California adjusted gross income limits, meaning you earned less than $250,000 ($500,000 for married joint filers) during the 2020 tax year
  • Were not eligible to be claimed as a dependent in the 2020 tax year
  • Were a California resident for six months or more of the 2020 tax year

Eligible Californians who filed their 2020 taxes electronically and received their refunds via direct deposit will receive their MCTR by direct deposit. Otherwise they will receive a debit card by mail.  

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As of Dec. 30, 2022, more than 30.6 million California taxpayers and their dependents have benefited from the MCTR. 

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