GO in the Know: Student Loan Pause Extended & Top Financial News for April 6

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It’s been a busy day at The White House, but we know you’re busy too. That’s why GOBankingRates has the lowdown on the biggest financial news stories of the day for you. Take a break to catch up.

The Big Lead: Student Loans

As expected, President Biden has officially extended the student loan payment moratorium until Aug. 31, claiming the extension “will help Americans breathe a little easier as we recover and rebuild a little from the pandemic.”

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Business Spotlight: JetBlue

JetBlue made a $3.6 billion bid to buy Spirit Airlines, in what the company believes “constitutes a superior proposal under Spirit’s merger agreement with Frontier and represents the most attractive opportunity for Spirit’s shareholders.”

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Well That’s Interesting: Musk Tops Bezos

Forbes released its 37th World’s Billionaires list, and with a fortune estimated at $219 billion, Elon Musk tops 2022’s list, bumping off the richest man in the world for four years running, Jeff Bezos, who slides to second place.

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Bonus: 7 Signs You Need To File a Tax Extension

Even if you personally have done all you need to do to file your tax return on time, sometimes things are beyond your control. One of the most common is missing or delayed documentation.

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