$2,000 Quarter? Check Your Pockets Before You Use This 2004 Coin

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The next time you toss a quarter into a gumball machine down at the local grocery store, think about this: That piece of gum could be costing you $2,000 or more.

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It all depends on which type of quarter you use. If it’s a Wisconsin state quarter issued in 2004, it could be worth at least $2,000 and maybe much more. The vast majority of 2004 Wisconsin quarters are worth their face value — 25 cents. But some contain errors, which makes them rare collector’s items.

All of the quarters from that series show a cow, a wheel of cheese and an ear of corn on the back, WLAC reported. If you have one, pay close attention to the corn — especially the leaf on it. TikTok user @coinhub has posted a helpful video on the subject, embedded below.

If you see a “high extra leaf” on the corn, hold on to that coin for dear life because the tiny little leaf is not supposed to be there. A “high extra leaf” coin in excellent condition has sold for as much as $2,530. Even those in less-than-excellent condition could score you a couple grand.

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Now, if you happen to see a 2004 Wisconsin quarter with a “low extra leaf” below the corn — put it in a metal lockbox and shove that lockbox into a safe. One of these Wisconsin quarters with a “low extra leaf” sold for $6,000, WKDQ reported, citing a report on the Professional Coin Grading Service collector’s site.

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On the other hand, if you have a 2004 Wisconsin quarter with neither a high extra leaf or a low extra leaf, well… find three more just like it and you’ll have a dollar.

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