Jaspreet Singh: How To Attract Infinite Wealth

Jaspreet Singh / Jaspreet Singh

Many financial experts recommend cultivating a “money mindset.” But some people have distorted the “Law of Attraction,” made famous in the book “The Secret,” to mean that you can think yourself into wealth without taking practical steps.

In a 38-minute video, financial expert Jaspreet Singh talks about the real way to shift your money mindset so that you can attract wealth. This is not about the Law of Attraction, he said, but it is about envisioning the success you want before you can make it a reality.

“It’s not about sitting there thinking, ‘Oh, money, please come fall into my lap,'” he emphasized. “[T]here are really two aspects to attracting money. Number one is your mindset. Your emotions toward money. Number two is the practical side of money.”

In a prior video covered by GOBankingRates, Singh talked about the practical side of making your money work for you by separating funds into three bank accounts. In his new video, “How to Attract Infinite Wealth,” he talked about why mindset matters just as much.

Make Your Money Work Better for You

He shared a story about guest teaching in inner city Detroit public schools. He would ask the high schoolers to name their dream car. Instead of the typical responses of Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Rolls-Royce, the students named more accessible luxury sports cars like a Ford Mustang or Dodge Challenger.

When Singh asked why the students weren’t naming pricier cars, they responded that they would never be able to own those type of cars. They told Singh, “Somebody like me could never have that, so what’s the point of even dreaming that big?”

You Have to Believe to Achieve

It’s highly unlikely that someone will have money fall into their lap without putting in the work or making knowledgeable investments. But it’s equally unlikely for someone who cannot envision financial success to achieve it, no matter how hard they work.

“These kids had shut down their ability… to even think that they could achieve that success,” Singh said of the Detroit students. “And if you don’t think you can achieve that success, I can 100% guarantee that you’re never going to be able to actually see that success.”

Make Your Money Work Better for You

Use the Resources Available

Singh went on to explain that many people grow up hearing that money is evil, taboo, or only for rich, greedy people. However, he pointed out, “The reality is, it costs money to eat. It costs money to feed other people. It costs money to pay your bills. It costs money to buy everything you want.”

Yet, families without money often teach their children that money is bad. Fortunately, Singh said, today the internet makes financial education more accessible. It’s also easier to find role models who are living the kind of life you want to attain. You can look outside your family and community and see that other people just like you are achieving the life you want to live.

Whether your goal is to own a private island and a personal jet to fly there or simply to pay off your mortgage, you first have to believe it’s possible, Singh said. “You have to understand how money plays a part in your life, that way you can actually attract the right amount of money to achieve the success that you want. This is why I always say the wealth starts in your mindset before you see it in your bank account.”

Make Your Money Work Better for You

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