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Atlantic Union Bank
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Quick Take: If you're looking for a full-service bank that offers both in-branch and online service, affordable monthly fees and opening deposits and accessible customer service, Atlantic Union may be a good choice as your next financial institution.
  • Minimum Opening Deposits
  • Monthly Fees
  • Customer Service
  • Selection of Accounts
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  • Offers a variety of deposit accounts
  • Affordable opening deposits
  • In-branch and online banking


  • More competitive rates might be found elsewhere
  • Limited branch locations

About Atlantic Union Bank

Atlantic Union Bank was established in a small rural county in Virginia way back in 1902 with just $2,500. Over 100 years later, the bank has grown to 130 branches located throughout Virginia and in parts of Maryland and North Carolina. It offers a variety of personal, business, commercial and wealth products and services to its clients.

While the breadth of its services and products is one reason why Atlantic Union ranked as one of the Top 100 Banks for 2022 in GOBankingRates’ Best Banks rankings, there are other factors to consider too. Here’s more about what the bank has to offer.

Checking Accounts

Atlantic Union offers four different checking accounts. Here are the details for each one.

Free Checking

If you want to avoid monthly service charges and minimum balance requirements, this is the account for you because it has neither. The minimum opening deposit is $25. The account also comes with a free Visa debit card that you can personalize if desired. Additionally, this account qualifies you for higher rates on the bank’s Loyalty Savings, money market, CDs and individual retirement accounts as long as you have one $500 minimum direct deposit each statement cycle.

Loyalty Checking

Like Free Checking, this account has a minimum opening deposit of $25. The perks of Loyalty Checking include tiered interest rates, depending on balance, and higher rates on some of the bank’s savings products without having to meet any qualifying requirements. However, it does have a monthly service fee of $10, which can be waived with a $2,500 minimum daily balance or a $10,000 combined balance. You’ll also receive a free Visa debit card that you can personalize, five free transactions per month from out-of-network ATMs, a free first order of Specialty style checks, free cashier’s checks and free check image statements.

Preferred Checking

Atlantic Union considers this account its highest level of checking, so it comes with many more perks than its other checking options, including higher rates on select savings products. Like Loyalty Checking, this account requires a $25 minimum opening deposit. However, it has a higher $25 monthly service fee, which you’ll have to pay unless you maintain a $25,000 minimum daily balance or a $50,000 minimum combined balance. The account also features premium tiered interest rates, a free personalized Visa debit card, free and unlimited out-of-network ATM transactions, free checks of any style, free cashier’s checks, free check image statements, free overdraft protection transfers, and a free safe deposit box up to 3×5 — or a 50% discount on larger sizes.

ThankU Checking

ThankU Checking is reserved for current or retired teachers or administrators, law enforcement, first responders, firefighters, health care professionals and members of the U.S. armed forces. Like Free Checking, it has no monthly service fees or minimum daily balance requirements. But it features tiered interest, five free out-of-network ATM transactions per cycle, a free first order of Speciality style checks, free cashier’s checks and free check image statements. The minimum opening deposit for this account is $25.

Savings Accounts

Atlantic Union offers three savings accounts to help you meet your savings goals, including one for holiday purchases. Here’s what you need to know.

Personal Savings

Atlantic Union’s Personal Savings account offers competitive rates and requires a $25 minimum deposit to open. The account also has a $5 monthly service charge, but as long as you maintain a $300 minimum daily balance, the bank will waive it. Any withdrawal in excess of three per month will incur an activity fee of $3 each.

Loyalty Savings

Although the bank’s Loyalty Savings account provides account holders with an exclusive rate, it does require a $25 deposit to open and has a $5 service charge. However, if you maintain a $300 minimum daily balance, the bank will waive the charge. Additionally, each withdrawal that exceeds three withdrawals per month will incur a $3 activity charge. While anyone can qualify for the Personal Savings account, you’ll need to have the bank’s Free Checking account with a qualifying direct deposit of $500 or have one of the bank’s other personal checking accounts to qualify for this one.

Deluxe Savings Club

Atlantic Union’s Deluxe Savings Club account allows you to save for holiday gifts all year long, so you don’t have debt to contend with in the new year. You can open the account with just $10, and there’s no monthly service charge. The account allows you to add funds automatically via account transfers throughout the year, and in October of each year, the account pays out so you can make debt-free holiday purchases.

Money Market Accounts

If you’re looking for rates that are more than what a typical savings account can offer, one of Atlantic Union’s money market accounts might be a good choice.

Money Market Account

With Atlantic Union’s Money Market account, you have the opportunity to earn tiered interest, which means that the higher your account balance, the more you can earn. This account requires a $500 minimum deposit to open, which is considerably more than the savings account minimum deposits, and it carries a $12 service charge. However, if you maintain a minimum daily balance of at least $2,500, the bank will waive the service charge.

Loyalty Money Market Account

The Loyalty Money Market account offers higher savings rates than the Money Market account. And the only way you’ll qualify for this account is if you have Free Checking with a qualifying direct deposit of $500 or any of the bank’s personal checking accounts. It requires a $500 minimum deposit to open, and if you don’t maintain a $2,500 minimum daily balance each month, you’ll incur a $15 service charge.

CD Rates

Atlantic Union offers a variety of certificates of deposit that vary from term lengths of three months to five years. No matter which term you choose, all CDs require a $1,000 minimum deposit. Rates start at 0.01% APY for a three-month CD and the bank’s one-year penalty-free CD, which allows you a one-time penalty-free partial or full withdrawal after the first seven days of depositing funds. The six-month CD has an interest rate of 0.02%, and then rates range from 0.03% to 0.07% on annual CDs ranging from one year to five years.

Banking Experience

Beyond account choices and rates, there are other important factors to consider before opening an account at a bank. Here are the standout features at Atlantic Union.

Minimum Opening Deposits

Atlantic Union’s minimum opening deposits aren’t the lowest in the industry. However, they are affordable for the most part. For example, all of the checking options require a $25 minimum opening deposit. Two of the savings account options require $25 to open, while the other one requires $10. Money market accounts require a minimum opening deposit of $500, and CDs require $1,000 each.

Monthly Fees

When it comes to monthly fees, Atlantic Union offers a couple of accounts that don’t have any fees. For accounts that do have fees, account holders have the opportunity to meet requirements to have them waived. Regarding checking accounts, the bank offers two checking options that are free and two options that include monthly fees of $10 or $25. The good news is that the bank offers account holders opportunities to waive those fees by meeting balance requirements. Savings account options have a $5 monthly service charge, which can be waived by meeting minimum daily balance or combined balance requirements. And money market accounts have $12 or $15 service fees, which can also be waived by maintaining a minimum daily balance or a combined balance requirement.

Customer Service

Atlantic Union has customer service hours that are worth a second look. You can reach a customer care representative from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday. Plus, the bank has customer service hours on Saturday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., which isn’t always the case with other banks. You can also use the bank’s live chat feature or secure messaging, or you can drop by or make an appointment to speak with a banking representative at your local branch.

Selection of Accounts

Atlantic Union isn’t considered one of the largest banks, but it offers a selection of accounts that rivals the selection at some big banks. Atlantic Union offers three checking accounts, three savings accounts, two money market accounts and eight different terms for its CDs. Basically, there’s something for every kind of depositor at Atlantic Union.

Editor’s Favorite

The selection of deposit accounts and the long customer service hours during the week, as well as the Saturday hours, are factors that are well worth considering. It can be difficult to find a bank that offers everything you need and the ability to get in touch with a human being outside of traditional working hours.

Atlantic Union Bank vs. Competitors

If you’re wondering what you may be gaining or missing out on if you bank at Atlantic Union instead of other banks, here’s a quick look.

Atlantic Union Bank vs. Bank of America

Bank of America offers a Preferred Rewards program, which offers some lucrative perks like interest rate boosters and discounts and credit card rewards bonuses if you meet qualifying requirements. However, Bank of America does not offer any free checking options like Atlantic Union does. And free checking can be helpful if you’re just looking for a no-frills, affordable banking experience.

Atlantic Union Bank vs. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo has a much broader footprint than Atlantic Union, with approximately 4,900 banking locations across the U.S. However, you can open a CD at Atlantic Union with a minimum deposit of $1,000, while you’ll have to have at least $2,500 to open a CD at Wells Fargo.

Atlantic Union Bank vs. Truist

Truist has a larger selection of checking accounts than Atlantic Union. For example, it has five checking options versus Atlantic Union’s four. However, Atlantic Union offers three savings account options and two money market options, while Truist only offers one each.

Final Take

Atlantic Union offers a nice selection of accounts with affordable minimum opening deposits. Additionally, the bank’s monthly maintenance fees are lower than those of some of the largest banks in the U.S., and the bank offers account holders the opportunity to waive fees by maintaining an average minimum daily or combined balance. Plus, if you need to talk to a bank representative after 5 p.m. or on Saturday, Atlantic Union will answer the phone. However, the bank only has locations in three states.

Atlantic Union Bank FAQ

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Atlantic Union Bank.
  • How many ATMs does Atlantic Union Bank have?
    • Atlantic Union has approximately 150 ATMs located throughout Virginia and in portions of Maryland and North Carolina. 
  • What is the discount on Atlantic Union loans?
    • Atlantic Union offers a 0.25% discount on installment loans when you set up automatic drafts of your loan payment from your Atlantic Union checking account.
  • What is the phone number for Atlantic Union Bank?
    • You can reach Atlantic Union Bank's customer care line at 800-990-4828. 
  • Does Atlantic Union Bank offer rewards credit cards?
    • Yes, the bank offers four different Visa rewards credit cards, including one for college students. 

Rates are subject to change. Information on accounts is accurate as of Apr. 21, 2022.

Editorial Note: This content is not provided by Atlantic Union Bank. Any opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author alone and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by Atlantic Union Bank.

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