10 Cheap Aldi Grocery Products To Start Buying Now


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Aldi is a small German grocer that offers relatively clean foods and several organic selections for less than most major grocery stores. Aldi has become a popular place to save money and still enjoy some of your favorite items.

Aldi carries many kitchen staples, and they work with many private label brands that rival the big name brands in flavor, but for a fraction of the cost. If you are looking to replace some of those staples in your household, we’ve found a few hidden gems that might be worth the trip to Aldi.

Here are 10 Aldi grocery products that you should consider buying now.



Aldi offers a decent selection of salsa options, including salsa verde, pineapple salsa, pico de gallo and standard salsa. There are also several organic options as well under the Simply Nature brand.

While the standard salsa options are around $2.50 per bottle, the organic is only slightly more at around $3 to $3.50 per 16-ounce bottle. Compared to other organic brands, this is about a $1 savings per bottle (or more). If you are a salsa lover, Aldi can save you some cash and delivers a great product as well.

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Chips are getting expensive. But if you are looking to replace your favorite tortilla chips or potato chips, Aldi has you covered. Their Clancy’s house brand offers a great selection of chips for just over $2 per bag. This is about half the price of the big name brands.

Their Simply nature organic brand offers multigrain and cauliflower chips too for a great price. For potato chips, Clancy’s offers a wide range of flavors for around $2.50 per bag, and you can get organic sweet potato chips, too.


Cream Cheese

Aldi offers a great selection of dairy products, with inexpensive yogurt and cheese options. But the Aldi cream cheese (from Happy Farms) is about $1 cheaper than more popular brands, and it gets the job done on the cheap.

There are also several flavored cream cheese spread options that come in larger 8-ounce sizes, as well as smaller “snack packs.” The 8-ounce options cost under $3, while the snack sizes are around $1.75.



Another dairy product that has gotten very expensive is milk. Aldi offers several options, including organic milk from Simply Nature. The 1-gallon options are around $3.50, while the organic milk comes only in half-gallon size for around $4.50.

These prices undercut major competitors by around $1 per item, but Aldi also offers the assurance of no hormones in any of its milk. This can be a great replacement for your regular milk purchases as a more healthy (and cheaper) option.

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Pastured Eggs

Eggs are the new currency. Egg prices have spiked, causing many retailers to run out, and people continue to search far and wide for the best prices. Aldi offers several egg choices for prices that rival most discount grocery stores.

The Goldhen brand offers a dozen Grade A white eggs for around $2.50, which is on par with other stores (or slightly cheaper). But the real deal is the pastured eggs, which are around $5.50 for a dozen, while other stores charge up to $7 per dozen. This can be a great option for customers who prefer pastured eggs.


Vanilla Extract

There’s a difference between vanilla and vanilla extract. Vanilla extract can be very pricey, sometimes going for $5 per ounce (or more). Aldi carries a 2-ounce bottle for around $6.50, which makes it around $3.25 per ounce.

Even places such as Walmart charge nearly $4 per ounce, so Aldi has them beat. If you are looking to stock up on vanilla extract for your baking needs, Aldi is a great option.



Beans are a great pantry staple to keep on hand. They are versatile and go with nearly everything. Aldi has a great selection of canned beans, with both standard and organic options. Aldi’s house brand, Dakota’s Pride, has black beans under $1 per can, while national brands typically go for about $1.50 per can.

The Simply Nature organic beans are only about $1.10, while competing organic brands might charge $2 per can (or more). If you’re stocking up on beans, Aldi has some of the best prices around.

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Canned Seafood

Aldi carries canned salmon and other canned fish at low prices. The Aldi brand Northern Catch canned salmon goes for just over $3.50 per can, while major brands typically charge $4 to $5. The tuna is under $1, while most competitors are over $1 per 5-ounce can.

You also can get canned fish dog and cat food for cheap as well, so stock up while you’re there.


Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns

Aldi has cheap bread, and their hamburger and hot dog buns are no exception. While most retailers charge $3 to $4 for an 8-pack of hot dog buns, Aldi carries them for around $1.50, which is a steal. And hamburger buns are the same price.

There’s only one choice for hamburger buns, and hot dog buns are regular or brioche style (around $3.50 per pack), so don’t expect a big selection. But for basic buns at half the price, Aldi has you covered.



Aldi has quite a few salad kits available, as well as mixed greens in standard and organic varieties. The salad kits are cheaper than competing brands at around $3.30 vs. $4 for others. The mixed greens are on par with other stores as well.

The organic lettuce mix is actually not cheaper than other places, but the Little Salad Bar brand offers cheap salad bowls for quick lunch options. The salad kits are the best deals; but, as always, compare the fresh greens to your local grocer to see whether you can save.

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