Gwyneth’s New Goop x CB2 Furniture Is Gorgeous — and You Can Afford It

The Goop x CB2 collaboration features affordable items.

Actress and entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow has launched a new line of furniture as part of her lifestyle brand, Goop. The products, like her other offerings, are targeted at millennials and are promoted as “affordable.” But are they?

The furniture line is the result of a collaboration between Goop and CB2, the Crate & Barrel brand that targets millennial shoppers. The definition of “affordable” might be quite different for Paltrow than it is for the typical millennial. But compared with Goop’s other offerings, items from this new line are indeed in the more-affordable range — products start below $10.

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Here are the prices of some pieces from the Goop x CB2 furniture line:

  • Pink velvet asymmetrical sofa: $1,999
  • Indoor swing chair: $1,199
  • Rugs: $249 and up
  • Floor pillow: $49
  • Wine glass: $15.95
  • Glass serving bowl: $9.95

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Compare the new line’s prices with products in the Goop skin care line, which include an exfoliating instant facial for $125 and the Goop Glow Kit for $185. Dresses range from $125 to  $2,590, and jackets and coats range in price from $168 to $3,533. A casserole dish sells for $1,220 on the site.

Although some of the new Goop x CB2 items might be at the high end of a millennial’s budget, a $1,999 sofa, when used as the centerpiece of a room, might be more accessible than, say, a $185 skin care collection which would need to be replenished every few months.

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The Goop Story: It’s Now Worth $250 Million

Goop is now worth $250 million, according to The New York Times. Paltrow launched the company with a newsletter from her home in 2008. It offered advice on health and wellness, recipes and style. It became so popular that she expanded into curating products and eventually began creating and manufacturing her own items. She also organizes events, like the Goop Health wellness summit, which costs attendants $500 to $4,500. The top-of-the-line ticket includes two dinners with Paltrow herself.

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The intent of Goop is to be aspirational rather than accessible to the mass market, a la Martha Stewart and her Kmart and Macy’s collaborations. Paltrow finds and designs things that are “beautiful,” and “having beautiful things sometimes costs money,” according to The New York Times. Although not everyone can afford her products, some people can — and those are the consumers Goop targets.

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