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Barri Segal, Contributor

Barri Segal has 20+ years of experience in the publishing and advertising industries. Writing and editing for all styles, genres, mediums, and audiences, Barri’s strong ability to recruit, hire, train, and motivate winning teams of writers and production professionals has led to consistent career progression. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has engaged in a wide variety of continuing education courses in writing and literature.

Articles by Barri Segal

Ways Banks Are Evolving in 2017

Get in front of these predictions about what will be changing in the banking industry for the New Year.

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6 Banking Trends That Will Affect Your Wallet in 2017

Discover the new banking trends that will affect you next year — for better or worse.

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From the Gardener to the Chief of Staff: How Much Trump’s White House Staff Makes

Satisfy your curiosity about how much White House staffers make.

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Where Your Money Goes: How to Read Your Pay Stub

Find out what all of those figures mean on your pay stub — it could help you manage your money.

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10 Best CD Accounts of 2017

Grow your savings faster with a bank that offers some of the best CD rates in the U.S.

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10 Best National Banks of 2017

Here's how the top 10 national banks set themselves apart from other brick-and-mortar banks.

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10 Best Savings Accounts of 2017

Find the best bank for your financial goals and start saving today.

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10 Best Checking Accounts of 2017

Make sure your checking account is working to make you money, not just charge you fees.

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10 Best Online Banks of 2017

If you're ready to switch to online banking, find out which of the best online banks of 2017 fits your needs.

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Dave Ramsey’s 5 Best Tips for Paying Off Your Mortgage Early

Discover how to pay off your mortgage early and save a ton of money doing it.

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