Hiba Boutary


Hiba Boutary

Hiba Boutary is a freelance writer with a public relations degree from the Lebanese International University in Beirut. For over a decade, she has ghostwritten legal, real estate, finance, human resources, software and business content for multiple websites and online publications. Hiba is the co-founder and human resources director of a digital agency. She spends her time between Brooklyn, Beirut and New Delhi.  After working for one of Wall Street’s largest investment banks and establishing a startup in a new country, Hiba merges experience and enthusiasm to turn complex topics into pieces that anyone can read. Hiba is deeply committed to promoting the principles of diversity, inclusion and equity in her work and daily life. She is passionate about human and animal rights and protecting the environment. An avid food enthusiast, Hiba loves to sample local and traditional cuisines from all over the world. Presently, she is working on a debut collection of short stories that center on the lived experiences of Lebanese women from various socioeconomic and religious backgrounds.  In her spare time, Hiba likes to explore the beautiful city she calls home, visit museums and historical sites, and tries to teach her old cat new tricks — to no avail.

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