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Holly Hammersmith, Contributor

Holly Hammersmith is a Cleveland-based writer. She started her career as a reporter in the daily newspaper industry. Later she worked for Fortune 500 financial services company Lincoln Financial Group, writing and editing marketing and communications materials for over 8,000 financial advisors and assistants. In her personal life Holly is an avid saver and enjoys the challenge of finding the best interest rates and savings products. She has also written a personal blog since 2010. Learn more here.

Articles by Holly Hammersmith

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Celebrating Christmas doesn't have to mean breaking your budget.

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Think you're ready to start a business? Here are seven signs you're right.

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Did you vote today? Reward yourself with some free stuff and other discounts.

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Target vs. Walmart: Price Match Guarantee Exclusions

Learn what's covered under the price match policies for these two stores and — just as importantly — what isn't.

Highest-Paid Olympic Athletes, Like Michael Phelps

These highly-decorated athletes are set to compete in the Rio Olympics — and make millions.

WWDC 2016: New Apple Products From the $586 Billion Company

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference launches June 13. See which of your favorite Apple gadgets are due for an upgrade.

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