Jordann Brown

Jordann Brown

Jordann Brown is a millennial money expert and personal finance blogger based in Nova Scotia, Canada. She holds a bachelor of commerce degree from Dalhousie University.

Jordann is the founder of the popular personal finance blog, My Alternate Life, where she writes about money, home renovations, minimalism, and how to live a fulfilling life on a budget. She shares her journey from a new graduate with $56,000 in debt to a first-time homeowner with a net worth of over $100,000, all before the age of 30.

Her journey from debt-laden graduate wasn’t easy, and it took a life-threatening car accident to wake Jordann up and make her get serious about her money. But once she did, she paid off her debt within two years and then set off to achieve financial security; blogging about it every step of the way. Jordann’s goal is to prove that her story isn’t unique. If she can pay off her debt and achieve financial security – so can you.

Today, Jordann frequently appears as an expert in Canadian media and has been featured on Business News Network, Vice Money, Chatelaine, and Elle. She maintains a day job as the marketing manager for a renewable energy firm, and of course, she still blogs weekly at My Alternate Life.

When she’s not writing about money, you can find Jordann renovating her 100-year-old home with her husband, walking her rescue dog, or tweeting about millennial money issues at @myalternateblog.