Peti Morgan

Peti Morgan

Peti Morgan is the Founder of The Leveraged Mama. A married mum of one from New Zealand, she’s on a mission to help Mamas find financial freedom through conscious, clever and creative money management. 
Peti’s journey to financial freedom began after the birth of her daughter. She was laid off while pregnant, and consequently accumulated a pile of nasty consumer debt. Suffering from post natal depression she quickly concluded that debt free (forever) was the way to be. However, she had some sticky obstacles to overcome to get there, including terrible spending habits and a reduced income due to working part time. 
Through The Leveraged Mama, Peti shares her tried and proven methods for escaping debt forever, and speeding up the journey to financial freedom with kids in tow. She has a unique and refreshing  approach to money management, an up front and engaging writing style, and a yearning desire to start a movement of clued up Mamas finding financial freedom in non-conventional ways.
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