Suchetana Bhattacharyea

Suchetana Bhattacharyea

Suchetana Bhattacharyea is a financial writer and has a master’s degree in this field from the University of Calcutta. She has worked with accounting and auditing consultancy firms for the last five years, after which she decided to quit and pursue her interest in writing. Her strong academic background and natural knack for words have helped her approach the toughest of topics and simplify them for her readers. She writes about personal finance, real estate, law, cryptocurrencies, banking, economics and marketing. She is an active investor and does thorough research before she starts writing on any topic. Suchetana has been a freelance writer for the last few years and has ghostwritten several books on finance. Apart from writing, she currently works as a recruiter at The Urban Writers, which is a leading ghostwriting and publishing platform. Hiring writers has given her a new insight into the writing process, and she understands both sides of the agreement when it comes to creating a project. She likes to travel and explore the world and gain an understanding of the world economy. In the future, Suchetana plans to create simplified content for everyone so that the barriers of complicated financial jargon can be broken.

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