Steve Rhode


Steve Rhode

In 1990, Steve Rhode went bankrupt, and while on the road to financial recovery in 1994 he founded Debt Counselors of America, a non-profit organization that helped people find a path through their financial troubles. Later he changed the organization name to Myvesta. Myvesta grew from two employees to 70 and had a wide range of help and support for people with money troubles. They had staff psychologists, lawyers, mediators, employment specialists, CPAs, and tax experts. They even opened the first inpatient treatment program for compulsive spending issues. Steve also had a syndicated Q&A advice column that ran in 50 newspapers across the country and that is when he realized that he had a love for writing. In 2006, he closed Myvesta and learned he loved helping people, but he did not enjoy managing a large organization. He has written three books and has appeared on television and radio stations as a consumer debt expert including FOX, CNN, ABC, NBC and MSNBC. From that sprang his own radio show and today he is an investigative reporter and journalist specializing in covering consumer debt and the debt relief world.
The Ultimate Guide to Dealing With Student Loans You Can’t Afford
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