KeyBank Review: Convenience, Flexibility, Options

Whether you’re opening your first bank account or changing financial institutions, choosing the best bank account is all about understanding your needs. There isn’t a single bank that’s right for everyone. But some banks, like KeyBank, offer a host of financial products that appeal to the masses. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, KeyBank is currently the 24th largest bank in the United States. This bank offers a multitude of personal and business financial products, plus investment and insurance products.

KeyBank Review

Does your current bank miss the mark? If you feel that you deserve better, check out this KeyBank review to find out what KeyBank can do for you.

  • KeyBank Savings Account: This bank offers five savings account options for your money. Choose from a basic savings account or a money market account. Do you have a high health insurance deductible? A health savings account with KeyBank might be the answer to future health care needs. And if you have children, the bank’s savings account for kids can provide an early lesson in money management.
  • KeyBank Checking Account: With seven different choices, there is a checking account for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a basic account with no minimum monthly fee, student checking or a checking account that earns interest, KeyBank has the solution. Get started today and create a safe place to hold your money. Plus, a bank account with KeyBank opens the door to other conveniences, such as direct deposit. Give employers an account number and a KeyBank routing number, and have earnings deposited directly into your account.
  • KeyBank Certificate of Deposit: KeyBank CD rates can grow your funds faster than a regular savings or money market account. Choose between a short-term, tiered or jumbo CD. You can open an account with a minimum of $2,500 and select a term between seven days and 10 years.
  • KeyBank Mortgage Loan: KeyBank can take the stress out of buying or refinancing a home. Choose between a predictable, fixed-rate home loan or an adjustable rate with a low initial payment. Ask about low down payment home loans and other special financing. There is a solution for practically every situation, and with affordable KeyBank mortgage rates, buying might be easier than you think.
  • KeyBank Auto Loans: Although some banks only offer certain types of automobile loans, KeyBank finances a variety of vehicle purchases. Enjoy competitive rates, varying terms and fast approvals on car, RV, boat and motorcycle loans.
  • KeyBank Credit Card: If you need a credit card that has no annual fee, a low interest rate or a rewards program, look no further. KeyBank offers two types of credit cards. Apply online today, transfer your existing credit card balance and start saving.

KeyBank Pros and Cons

This financial institution receives mostly positive reviews from customers. KeyBank customer service is impressive, with many customers rating it “outstanding.” Customers also appreciate the multiple loan options offered by KeyBank. Not only can they apply for mortgages and auto loans, but also unsecured personal loans, unsecured lines of credit and home improvement loans.

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KeyBank is also a top pick because it’s up-to-date on the latest electronic features. Customers can access their accounts 24 hours a day, set up account alerts and bank from a mobile device. KeyBank hours are another plus. Most bank branches are open until noon on Saturdays, and some are open until 6 p.m. on Fridays.

There is, however, one major disadvantage. KeyBank locations are limited to 14 states in the United States.

Should You Choose KeyBank?

Is this the right bank for you? Well, it all depends on what you’re looking for in a financial institution. If you prefer excellent service, a variety of savings or checking account options, and the convenience of banking at your fingertips, there is no better choice. To learn more or open an account, visit KeyBank’s website today.

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