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Synchrony Bank, a featured partner of GOBankingRates, offers a digital storefront to help you meet your personal finance goals. A former subsidiary of General Electric Co., Synchrony Bank acquired MetLife Bank's deposit business in January 2013, including $6.4 billion in deposits and its online banking operation.

Synchrony Bank offers a wide range of retail banking and lending services. The lending arm of the online bank offers a range of personal loans to cover the unexpected costs of life, from auto parts loans to loans for electronics, home improvement loans, and healthcare loans. Synchrony Bank OptimizerPlus+ deposit accounts also help customers get further in their savings goals. The money market and savings accounts offer high-yield earning while still keeping funds accessible. Synchrony Bank also offers long-term savings and investment vehicles in its certificates of deposit and IRAs, offering CD terms from 3 months to 60 months.

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Synchrony Bank has many personal banking offers to choose from including highly-rated term CDs, high-yield savings, and IRA money market accounts.

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  • High-Yield Savings

  • Optimizer Plus+ CDs

  • Money Market Accounts

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  • IRA

  • Money Market Account

  • Credit Cards

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Customer Reviews

evine credit cardine

Aug 30, 2016 by

I think this bank is uncooperative and poor customer service.I asked to speak a supervisor and was refused.I had a concern about a payment notification I did not receive. No one acted as if they were concerned. I have been a customer with

They suck

Oct 14, 2016 by

Think before you get any credit card through Synchrony Bank, I was approved for $800 in credit line for Walmart and paid off both $500 and paid off $230 in one lump sum and they lowered my credit line to $100. My credit score went up and they still drop the credit line and can't explain why they made that decision. Their customer service sucks. Think before you open anything with them I think they are out to hurt your score and credit history then helping you.


Oct 29, 2016 by

Attention all people who receive letters from this bank. Do not, I repeat, do not give them any information when you call. They want your social, and phone number and will not admit to anything in the letter you receive. I gave them the last 4 of the account they sent, and can't look it up, and then they will not give any info unless I give them my social or phone number. This is a SCAM to get info from you. They told me I opened a Walmart master card and owe a balance. Never did, and I never heard of this bank until I received this letter. Do not tell them anything. I hope I saved some people from having their identity stolen, because I'm very sure that's their objective. Now the BBB will be notified and they will be ultimately be ousted as a fraud. The call center is in the Philippines, not in the USA, so that says it all.

dumb and dumber agents

Nov 21, 2016 by

I have called three times to ask a simple question and have received three different answers. This is an important transaction that will involve a lot of money, but they can't give me a straight answer and then they get mad at me for asking for a supervisor!

they suck

Dec 01, 2016 by

I payed my bill just a bit early,but to early so my patment did not applie. instead of getting a call they already hit my credit score,and now it will take several months to fix my credit score. my credit score was at 690 now it dropped down to 640, and when I called them they kinda yelled at me,and the call center was over seas the asked for a regular amercan then they gave me someone in the us, then they yelled at me which was not nice. my account was with amozom how are great but synchrony bank is a barrel monkey balls,so im going to pay them off and use my credit card from now on. bottom line they really suck.



Dec 12, 2016 by

They have been calling my number and I keep telling them I'm deaf that they need to contact me another way. In any event, they close 2 credit cards accounts and says I will continue to make payment until they are paid off. I will draft an official letter of complain and send copies to the retailers that uses this bank for store credit cards. Oh, social media s wonderful nowadays.

Synchrony Bank Customer Service Information

170 West Election Road Suite 125 Draper, UT 84020 1-866-226-5638
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