An Interesting Concept of Affinity Credit Cards

Credit cards have really evolved and become more sophisticated since they were first introduced long ago. Not only are they on the cutting edge of fraud-preventing and security technology, but they’ve also been re-imagined by way of very savvy marketing strategies. One of these marketing strategies is the affinity card. An affinity card is a credit card that is linked to an organization or another company that very often have nothing to do with credit cards.

An affinity credit card could be something like a typical Visa or Mastercard, co-sponsored by an advocacy group such as the Sierra Club. A card like this would be perfect for someone who is a donor to the Sierra Club, or who loves the outdoors. Affinity cards can also be linked to sports teams, labor unions, or even favorite television shows.

So what do airlines or rain forest protection groups have to do with credit cards? Well, credit card companies want to maximize their profits while at the same time promoting their brand. In many instances the organization that is linked to the affinity card will receive a percentage of the profits from the use of the cards. Users could even get discounts, savings, and other benefits from using their affinity card for the purchase of specific items such as, airline miles for an airline affinity card, or cash back from a hotel chain affinity card. Of course, many people who associate themselves with certain organizations are more open to getting affinity cards – which is a plus for credit card companies. In some respects it’s like getting a personalized “vanity” license plate for your car.

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