Coordinate Due Dates on Credit Cards

Having a selection of credit cards is an excellent way to help finance the purchases you desire. Managing the multiple deadlines and their concurrent due dates on a slew of credit cards may seem overwhelming, but you must do it in order to establish a healthy credit history for yourself.

Lenders view your credit score as a barometer for gauging your financial health. The better your credit score, the healthier you look financially to lenders – therefore you will be entitled to the lowest interest rates and perks associated with the highest credit score ratings. The best way to build a solid credit history is to manage your existing credit wisely by paying off your bills on time. One way to do that is to coordinate the due dates on your credit cards to work with your existing financial situation.

For example, if you get paid on a set cycle every half of the month and end of the month. You can speak directly with your credit card provider and ask them to switch your payment due dates to match up with the pay cycle of your choice. That way, you are always guaranteed to have money to pay your bills in a timely fashion, thus building a positive credit history for yourself. In general, try to choose a due date that is several days after you receive your pay check.

You may also coordinate your credit card due dates in cycle with your other bills. For example, if your rent is due on the first of the month, having to pay your credit card bill at the same time may add unnecessary stress to your financial situation. Since your housing due dates are more than likely set in stone, ask your credit card company to switch their due date and they will happily oblige.

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Finally, if you have multiple credit cards to your name and like using and maintaining them all, choose one date that would work for you and feel free to contact all the different credit card companies and ask them to switch your billing cycle to accommodate your request. That way, you can know that all your charge bills will be due on one day, and be prepared to handle the payments responsibly.

Coordinating the due dates of your credit card can help keep the frustration of that comes with having bills coming in at different times of the month. When you know in advance when you can expect your bills, you can more easily organize your resources to pay them off on time.


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