How To Get Capital One Pre-Approval: 4 Ways To Get Prequalified

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Whether you have excellent credit, average credit or are rebuilding your credit, Capital One offers a range of credit cards with perks like no annual fees, low introductory rates, unlimited Capital One rewards miles and unlimited cash back. Here’s what you need to know in order to apply for a credit card and get Capital One pre-approval.

Capital One Credit Cards By Credit Score

Capital One has several credit card options for customers with different credit scores. All Capital One credit cards offer personalized account alerts and allow you to pick the due date for your Capital One payments. To take advantage of balance transfers, 24/7 customer service and Capital One online banking with the Capital One mobile app, you’ll need to first get approved for a card. Here are some of the most popular:

For Those With Fair Credit

A fair credit score is generally considered to be a VantageScore between 601 and 660. If you have fair credit, you may be approved for these Capital One credit cards:

  • Platinum Mastercard
  • QuicksilverOne Rewards

For Those With Good Credit

A good credit score is generally considered to be a VantageScore score between 661 and 780. If you have good credit, you may be approved for these Capital One credit cards:

  • SavorOne Rewards For Good Credit
  • Spark 1.5% Cash Select – Good Credit
  • QuicksilverOne Rewards For Good Credit

For Those With Excellent Credit

An excellent credit score is generally considered to be a VantageScore score between 781 and 850. If you have excellent credit, you may be approved for these Capital One credit cards:

  • SavorOne Rewards
  • Quicksilver Rewards
  • VentureOne Rewards
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What If You Need to Rebuild Your Credit?

For those who have a VantageScore below 601 or have no credit history, Capital One offers the Capital One Secured Credit Card. A $49, $99, or $200 minimum deposit opens your account with an initial credit line of $200. If you use the card responsibly, you can get automatically considered for a higher line of credit in as little as six months.

How To Apply and Get Approved for a Capital One Credit Card

Applying for a Capital One credit card is straightforward. Follow these steps to improve your chances of getting a Capital One credit card pre-approval:

1. Choose Your Card

Individuals who have received a Capital One credit card pre-approval might — and likely will — qualify for other Capital One rewards cards.

Capital One has an informative comparison tool that lets you review the credit card options side-by-side. You can sort by card type, rewards type, rates, fees and credit level — excellent, good, fair and rebuilding.

2. Choose How to Apply for the Credit Card

You can apply for a Capital One credit card online or in person at a Capital One branch:

  • Online: Fill out the full application on Capital One’s secure website. You will receive an answer the same day with instant approval. You can also get a Capital One pre-approval with the company’s “Find My Card” tool to instantly see if you’re prequalified, with no impact on your credit.
  • Local Branch: A banker can help you complete and process your Capital One credit card app. Find a location near you on the Capital One website or call 877-383-4802.
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3. Review the Terms and Conditions

All Capital One credit cards, including the Capital One Platinum Mastercard, have full rates and disclosures that clearly state annual fees, cash advance fees and penalty fees. They also explain how your balance is calculated and what your grace period is to pay. Review these terms carefully, as you are agreeing to them — and agreeing that you understand them — when you submit your Capital One credit card application.

4. Wait for Approval and Set Up Your Account

When you apply for a credit card, Capital One will check your credit report to determine your credit history. You will disclose your income and ability to pay and receive an immediate answer on your Capital One credit card status. Applicants who don’t qualify for a credit card can set up a secured card with a deposit. Once your account has been approved, you’ll be able to set up your Capital One login and establish your account.

Along with credit card miles and cashback rewards, banking with Capital One might have other benefits, such as low rates on car purchases with Capital One auto finance.

Final Take

Capital One offers a wide selection of cards for all credit scores, from rebuilding to excellent. If you’re interested in a Capital One card, be sure to review the card requirements carefully, since a hard credit inquiry made during the credit card application process can negatively affect your credit score. Once you are sure you meet the requirements, you can follow the steps above to get approved.

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