How To Find and Change Your Billing Address

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In what is now quickly becoming a cashless society, credit cards are king. This means you will have more than you had before, and will apply for new ones better suited for different periods of your life. Keeping track of your balance is essential, but keeping track of the personal information associated with your credit or debit card has also become a key security measure. 

What Is a Billing Address?

Your personal billing address is the address associated with your debit or credit card account. This is typically the address you lived at when you opened your account. Generally, this is the home address you put on your application and will be the address that appears on your credit card statement.

What Is a Billing Address Used For?

A billing address is a key piece of information as it is not only the address associated with your credit card but also used to correctly identify you with any online purchase. This is especially important for debit cards as they are directly linked to your bank account. Upon checkout, through a website or app, you will need to know your credit card billing address and billing zip code

Why Is a Billing Address Important?

A billing address is important as it protects you from identity theft or other types of credit card fraud. As addresses are not usually printed on your debit or credit card, this would be information only you know and could fill out in case your physical card is stolen. Make sure to update your address anytime you move with your credit card issuer so you always know your current and updated address. 

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How To Find Your Billing Address 

Your billing address will be located on your billing statement. You can also find it by logging into your bank account associated with the card you are using or your credit card issuer account. This is good to review every once in a while to make sure the information is up to date and correct.

Fixing Billing Address Errors

When reviewing your personal information, make sure everything is spelled and entered correctly from your unit number to your billing zip code. If there is an error, don’t fret as you can easily update the information as having the correct information in your account profile is important. To change any errors, simply choose from one of the following options:

  • Log into your online account and edit the information.
  • Call a representative to verify or correct your billing information.
  • Call the credit card company to verify your information.

How To Change Your Billing Address

Updating and changing your billing address is a good idea anytime you move as this makes it easier for you to remember what address is associated with your card so you won’t have any issues while trying to use it. To change your billing address you can do any of the following:

  • Customer support: You can reach customer support by calling the number on the back of your card. They can assist you with a billing address change or other edits to your account.
  • Website or app: Log into your online account through your credit card issuer’s website or app on your mobile device. You can manually change your address in your profile once logged in.
  • Mail: Though this method will take longer, you can write your new address on the back of a payment coupon you use to send in your check for your monthly billing statement. Once the credit card issuer receives your bill payment they will update your address.
  • In-person: If you have a branch location near you you can go in person and speak with a representative so they can help you change or update your billing address and information. 
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Final Take 

You should be the only one who knows the personal information associated with your debit or credit card, so keep it simple for yourself by updating your account information with your credit card issuer anytime you change your address. Keeping your billing address information current will not only help you with peace of mind but also save you some headaches down the line.


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about billing addresses.
  • How do you know your billing address?
    • You can locate your billing address by looking at the address printed on your most recent billing statement from your credit card issuer or bank account. You can also call customer service to verify your billing information or log into your credit card issuer's website or app and see what billing address is listed under your account profile.
  • What is the billing address used for?
    • Your billing address is used to correctly identify you as the card user as well as make sure you get your billing and account statements. It helps protect your identity when making any online purchases and acts as an additional security measure. This is especially important for debit cards as they are directly linked to your bank account. Upon checkout, for any purchase, you will be asked to fill out your credit card billing address.
  • Do you need a billing address?
    • Yes, for any bank, debit or credit card account information, you will need to fill out a billing address. This is typically your home address but can also be a business address associated with the card.

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