Barbara Corcoran Says ChatGPT Will Change Real Estate: Here’s How

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If you work in the real estate industry, AI and ChatGPT can make your job much easier. In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Barbara Corcoran explained how the new technology is already being used by agents to make the process of buying and selling more efficient.

How Real Estate Agents Can Use ChatGPT

Corcoran gave two examples of use cases for ChatGPT for real estate professionals.

“The same kind of documents you had to review that would take an hour, you’d see in two, three minutes,” she said. “People are writing emails and texts and explanations of the market to their customers.”

According to Ascendix, some additional ways that real estate agents can utilize ChatGPT include writing property listings, creating email and marketing campaigns, writing scripts for video tours, drafting legal documents, translating correspondence with international buyers and sellers, and improving customer support.

It’s Not Just Real Estate Agents Who Can Benefit From ChatGPT

While there are many use cases for real estate agents, Corcoran believes almost anyone can find value in utilizing ChatGPT to assist with their jobs.

“It’s not just agents in real estate. Everybody is using it,” she told Yahoo Finance. “If you have a low IQ, suddenly you can look smart. It’s like the whole world got a genius implant. This thing is such a game-changer.”

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