10 Things Wealthy People Do Every Day

Get on the road to riches by behaving like most wealthy people.
  • Cha Rob

    Self employed is becoming the “New” Norm..The cradle to the Grave jobs are disappearing fast..Remember also .You can probably sell your business..You cannot sell your job..

  • Tom

    Some of this is true, but a lot of this occurs after they have been successful. For example, they put a higher percentage into investments and pensions. Of course they do. They have more than enough to live on. Middle call workers cannot put that much away, on average. There are lots of rich, successful people who don’t keep their cool. See Donald Trump. Too many erroneous generalizations here.
    The super successful I know, my self included, do not end the work day at 5 or 6 pm , and don’t check email ro voice mail. That’s a bunch of BS.
    This isn’t about how to get wealthy, this is about once you’ve made it,here are some behaviors. Lots of middle class workers eat healthy, rise early, go to the gym, and don’t gamble. Not sure this article is worth anything

    • Eva

      haha… very realistic comment. Nice…

    • Bill

      Tom, that’s a bit harsh