Are We Losing Out by Not Legalizing Marijuana? (Infographic)

Marijuana – whether medical or recreational – has a twisted and controversial history.

And history is constantly being rewritten, with new marijuana laws being proposed every year, seemingly. Being a finance website, we started thinking about the money side of things.

Pot proponents will tell you that there are plenty of financial benefits to the country, and as we found out, they might be right. There are billions of dollars at stake when it comes to legalizing marijuana, not to mention the reduced costs in enforcement of prohibition laws.

Check out the numbers below.

Click here to see the entire infographic, in all its splendor.

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  • terry mckinney

    There has to be some reason that rabid anti drug PM Stephen Harper is trying to hand over the growing of cannabis to his friends in the private sector.The same private sector that fills the conservative coffers year after year.The same private sector that bought this neocon the last three elections.The same private sector that has ignored cannabis right up till it became a legal possibility.The stripping of patient rights is right down Harper’s alley.

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  • Dana Tufts

    What a one-sided little article. Of course enforcement costs would be reduced, if there was no longer a law to enforce. But what about the damage to the economy caused by people spending less time being productive, and more time being stoned?

    My neighbor has been a user for 40 years. When you talk to him you can tell, he’s just not all there. When the stigma is gone from cannabis use, millions more people will end up suffering that kind of diminished mental capacity. Sapping the collective brainpower of the nation like that would do no favors for the economy, either.

  • Bryant Samperi

    Dana Tufts above brings up probably the number one stereotype ignorant people use to identify marijuana users – they are not productive (what they really mean is we are lazy). NOT! It is funny that this same BIGOTRY has been used over and over again to stereotype and discriminate based on race. Here is an idea for you: MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS and don’t worry about our production values. I could outproduce you any day of the week stoned. I guarantee it.

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