SNAP Benefits 2022: New Mexico’s NM EBT Card Schedule for February

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SNAP benefits in New Mexico are distributed through a regular electronic benefits card card, which goes by the name New Mexico EBT Card, or NM EBT for short, according to the state’s Department of Human Services. The SNAP program provides assistance to low-income New Mexicans who have limited resources to purchase food.

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Each month you are enrolled, your SNAP benefits will be automatically added to your NM EBT account. The same EBT card will be used each month — the state will simply replenish the funds electronically. You can use your card to buy food at eligible grocery stores. Those eligible for cash benefits can use their EBT card to withdraw cash at ATMs throughout the state. 

If you just recently applied for benefits, a partial benefit will be available the day after your application is processed in most cases. From there, benefits are ongoing and available once a month. In New Mexico, SNAP benefits are distributed from the first of the month through the 20th, with the exact date determined by the last two digits of your Social Security number. Cash benefits are distributed on the first day of the month, even if it falls on a weekend or holiday. Unused benefits are always carried over into the next month.

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On Jan. 23, NM EBT cards were automatically filled with extra emergency SNAP benefits as part of an extension of Families First Coronavirus Response Act emergency allotments. Beginning in March 2020, the act allowed states to increase SNAP benefits to household maximum amounts for those who were not already receiving the maximum, in order to account for the surging cost of food due to overall market inflation. Maximum household benefit amounts range from $250 for a household size of one to $1,504 for a household size of eight, with $188 added for each additional person.

You can see the current list of participating states on the U.S. Department of Agriculture website. There is no word yet on whether or not New Mexico has approved an extension for February.

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