SNAP Schedule: When Will Montana Access Card Benefits for February Be Available?

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The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) distributes benefits in Montana from the Montana Department of Human and Health Services.

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SNAP program benefits are available to low-income households who meet certain eligibility requirements to purchase food items at participating grocery stores and farmer’s markets.  You can refer to the SNAP income limits to see exactly what the criteria is for your household size. As an example, a household of four people has a net income threshold of $2,209 per month.

Montana SNAP benefits are transferred and paid through what is called the Montana Access Card. This Electronic Benefit Transfer card operates as a debit card that EBT benefits are electronically transferred to once a month on predetermined dates. This card is used exclusively for purchasing food items, meaning it cannot be used to purchase alcohol, tobacco etc. In the state of Montana, residents can also use their Access Card at participating farmer’s markets. Residents can use their Access Card in stores that display the Montana EBT Card logo, as well.

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SNAP benefits are paid out in Montana from the 2nd through through the 6h of the month, depending on what your case number ends with. When you are issued SNAP benefits for the first time, you will receive a case number. The last two digits of that account number will be what you use to determine your payment date based on the schedule below. For example, the first February payment will go out on Wednesday, Feb. 2 to those whose case number ends in 0 or 1.

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Here is the full chart below with benefit dates corresponding with case numbers:

Case # Ends In Benefits Available
0 or 1 2nd of the month
2 or 3 3rd of the month
4 or 5 4th of the month
6 or 7 5th of the month
8 or 9 6th of the month
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You can apply online for Montana SNAP benefits, or call the Public Assistance Helpline at 1-88-706-1535.

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