Stimulus Payments Are Coming to These Midwest States in November

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As inflation continues to impact many individuals and families across America, some states are still rolling out stimulus payments to help offset the financial effects, including three key spots in the Midwest.

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The latest Consumer Price Index, released Nov. 10, shows there have been some improvements in the cost of goods in 15 categories, from used cars to natural gas services to medical care. But a high rate of inflation is still very much present in the U.S., coming in at 7.7% as of October, though down from 8.2% the month prior.

Even with these price spikes all year, the government hasn’t offered any federal stimulus money in 2022. Yet, facing a lack of federal financial aid, some states have offered residents relief. As GOBankingRates reported earlier this week, there are currently 13 states offering stimulus, relief, or tax refund/rebate checks to residents — some are automatic and some must be applied for to meet eligibility requirements. 

Here’s the outlook in the Midwest.

Illinois: Family Relief Plan

The state’s 2022 income and property tax rebates will continue through this month, according to CNET. As part of a $1.8 billion relief package, most individuals earning less than $200,000 will get a check for $50, while couples earning under $400,000 will get a rebate of $100. As well, up to three dependents can also be claimed for an extra $100 each. 

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Checks started being mailed out as of Sept. 12 but were expected to take eight weeks to reach all residents. So, if you haven’t gotten yours yet, money should be on its way soon.

Indiana: Automatic Taxpayer Refund Law

Any Indiana residents who did not receive their stimulus money by Nov. 1 (originally totaling $125 per person, with no limits on income) should check in with the state’s department of revenue. 

Because of a paper shortage, there was a long delay in issuing checks — and in that time the governor upped the payment by $200 to $325 per person, or $650 for couples who filed taxes jointly. The increase might have come in a separate deposit or check.

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Minnesota: Hero Pay

Front-line workers in the state are eligible for a payment of up to $750. Those eligible include health care and emergency workers, court employees and grocery store or other retail workers. There was a July 22 deadline to apply and 1.2 million people did so, per the Duluth News-Tribune. The number of applicants may bring the payment amount down since it was nearly double what the state was expecting. Payments just started going out in October, with more on the way.

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