3 Ways to Create Your Own Stimulus Money

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With hundreds of thousands of jobs added to the economy each month and the passage of the Infrastructure Framework, there is less and less likelihood of a fourth stimulus becoming a reality.

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Unemployment rates are relatively low, and overall there are more jobs than there are willing workers to fill them. That means if you’re looking for a fourth stimulus, you’re going to have to get creative. Here are some ways you can generate some extra cash to simulate the stimulus that could’ve been.

Dividends, Dividends, Dividends

An under-utilized and oft-forgotten investment strategy, stocks that pay out a regular dividend are one of the best ways to secure passive income while simultaneously securing — and importantly, not selling future investments. Dividend stocks are stocks that you buy just like any other, except they pay you a dividend, or percentage, or their earnings in cash. You can reallocate your portfolio to be more heavily weighted in these kinds of investments and start to see real payoff each month. Keep in mind that these kinds of stocks are usually large, “safer” companies that do not move too much up or down, but are held more so for longer periods of time and for stability.

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Real Estate Investment Trusts are a popular option for people who are looking for passive, monthly income. In order for a REIT to maintain its tax advantage, it is required to redistribute 90% of its earnings monthly back to its investors. They often pay a higher yield than corporate or municipal bonds and REIT shares are also traded on exchanges, meaning they have far more potential for growth than your typical bond.

Buyer beware: those investing in REITs should always be careful and keep a watchful eye on the housing market. The underlying mortgages tied to REITs were once thought to always be stable, but the value of REITs easily plummeted along with the rest of the housing market after the financial meltdown in 2008.

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Sell Digital Files on Etsy

This might seem strange, but people make a killing selling some of the most simple files on Etsy. Things like pre-filled grocery lists, bachelorette party game ideas, honeymoon travel checklists, emergency contact sheets and more are simply created through Word or similar programs, made to look good with fonts and colors and sold as a simple, downloadable pdf. If you have even half a good hand at your computer’s graphic programs, you can create a stream of passive income with just a few clicks.

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