What is A Financial Planner?

A financial planner is exactly what it sounds like: a professional who helps you plan ahead for your financial goals and priorities, and deal with various personal financial issues. Some of the issues a financial planner might help you with include retirement planning, investment planning, planning for a child’s education fund, helping to set up a fund to ensure that an elderly parent is cared for, risk management and insurance plans, tax planning, or, if you own a business, a financial planner can help you plan for business succession in the case of your retirement or death. A financial planner can also help with current cash flow management issues, or assess your resources and their ability to meet future goals such as a house purchase, or retirement.

In carrying out the financial planner’s function, your financial planner will gather data, consider your resources, and create a detailed strategy to help you meet your specific financial goals. The financial planner will also assess your risk profile and current lifestyle, as it relates to your financial future. If it appears that your resources are not sufficient to meet your goals, the financial planner can also help you adjust your goals to a more realistic time frame, or help you come up with new goals, or smaller goals along the way. In either case, your financial planner can provide a good “reality check” to determine what financial goals fit for your particular financial situation.

Save for Your Future
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When planning for your future, self-restraint is almost always part of the picture, and you might have to postpone some of today’s pleasures in order to save for the future. However, with clear goals, the pain of some of those sacrifices can be lessened for the sake of pursuing a clear plan for the future. The financial planner can also help you come up with a plan that is realistic.

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What is A Financial Planner?
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