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Some people looking to improve their financial health might read self-help books. Others might dive into an online tutorial or listen to a podcast. For many others, however, watching videos is still the fastest and easiest way to absorb and retain information — and that makes YouTube home base for all things money. 

Whether you’re interested in learning how to invest, break into the crypto market, rein in your spending, open up a new income stream or finally create a budget you can stick to, YouTube has a channel for that. 

The most sought-after personal finance influencers have full menus of platforms that typically include a presence on YouTube. So if there are money pros you already know and trust, it’s likely that they have channels of their own. 

If not, GOBankingRates curated the following list of the hottest and most-watched names in personal finance on the world’s largest video site. No matter which aspect of your financial life you’re hoping to improve, there’s someone for you on this list. 

Graham Stephan

  • Name of YouTube channel: Graham Stephan
  • No. of subscribers: 3.84 million 

Graham Stephan has sold more than $130 million worth of real estate since getting his real estate license shortly after his 18th birthday in 2008. With more than 10 million monthly viewers, his personal finance-themed YouTube channel is as successful as his portfolio of properties.


  • Name of YouTube channel: Coin Bureau
  • No. of subscribers: 2.07 million

Guy the crypto guy is the semi-mysterious man behind the Coin Bureau brand. The channel’s content spans the entire crypto spectrum, from market news and predictions to primer-type tutorials and reviews. 

Investing for Everyone

Andrei Jikh

  • Name of YouTube channel: Andrei Jikh
  • No. of subscribers: 2.03 million

The theme of Andrei Jikh’s brand is “financial minimalism,” and his YouTube channel is a something-for-everyone blend that includes topics like debt, saving money, cryptocurrency, real estate and investing in a bear market. 

Ben Armstrong

  • Name of YouTube channel: BitBoyCrypto
  • No. of subscribers: 1.45 million

An early crypto adopter, Ben Armstrong has owned Bitcoin since 2012 and has been in the game long enough to have lost money in the Mt. Gox hack. His channel covers all things crypto, including market tips and analysis, tax issues and predictions.

Jaspreet Singh

A licensed attorney, Jaspreet Singh’s brand is all about breaking away from the herd — hence the Minority Mindset theme — and building wealth on your own. His YouTube channel tackles everything from the job market and real estate to personal finance and retirement planning. 

Nate O’Brien

  • Name of YouTube channel: Nate O’Brien
  • No. of subscribers: 1.25 million

The three themes that define Nate O’Brien’s YouTube channel are productivity, minimalism and personal finance. He deals with subject matters like things that keep you poor, renting vs. buying, developing multiple income streams and traveling on the cheap. All of that helps him consistently rank among the top millennial money influencers. 

Brian Jung

  • Name of YouTube channel: Brian Jung
  • No. of subscribers: 1.17 million
Investing for Everyone

Brian Jung boasts a YouTube channel with more than 40 million views. An investor, entrepreneur and social media influencer, he focuses mostly on three topics — credit cards, crypto and personal finance, although in recent months, Jung has emerged as a go-to source for crypto coverage, specifically. 

Ricky Gutierrez

A day trader and real estate investor, Ricky Gutierrez covers all the major money bases, including penny stocks, swing trading, day trading, forex, crypto and more. He bought his first house at 20 and now at the age of 27, he has an exotic car collection beyond his years. If you watch enough of his videos, you, too, could one day own a McLaren 720 and Porsche GT3RS. 

Jordan Page

“Queen of Frugal” Jordan Page is closing in on her millionth subscriber. With eight kids and a husband named Bubba, her videos help her fans meet real-life, everyday challenges like budgeting, meal planning, cooking, productivity and just about anything else that contributes to a low-cost lifestyle. She cut her finance guru teeth by nixing $15,000 in debt in 13 months on a salary of $31,000. 

Marko Zlatic

Marko Zlatic brings his real-life experience as an investor to his YouTube channel, where he educates his fans on topics like personal finance, entrepreneurialism, stocks and real estate. As the channel name implies, Marco illustrates his lessons with the help of a low-tech but highly effective whiteboard.

Investing for Everyone

Ryan Scribner

  • Name of YouTube channel: Ryan Scribner
  • No. of subscribers: 786,000

Entrepreneurship, stocks and personal finance are the topics that dominate Ryan Scribner’s channel. Much of what he does is geared toward beginners, so if you’re a novice looking for entry-level info on everything from Roth IRAs and dividend stocks to crowdfunding and brokerage apps, consider giving Ryan Scribner some of your online downtime.

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Disclaimer: Subscriber and view numbers are accurate as of June 2022.


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