How Much Is Your Dollar Worth Around the World?

These are the top U.S. tourist destinations. Find out which have the best currency exchange rates.
  • justice

    1 American dollar= 3.75 Saudi riyals

  • justice

    1 American dollar=3.74 Qatari riyals

  • justice

    1 American Dollars= 0.71 Jordanian Dinar

  • The stig

    Doesn’t really tell me the value of my money in the country. Just tells me what my money is worth TO the country. Tell me how much 10$ will last me in Brazil, not how much and why they will appreciate my money. Misleading title.

    • MagenD

      “Tell me how much 10$ will last me in Brazil”
      5 mins!!! As long as it takes for someone to pull a knife on you and get your shoes on their feet….. 🙂

      • Satinismelord

        LOL! Funny, but that depends on where one goes in any country. The same can happen here in the USA or in Africa or in Asia… but seriously, I’d like to know how much a can of a soft-drink (for example) would cost here and how much it would cost there… that would give me a better idea of how much a dollar is worth anywhere else. A can here would probably cost 50 cents, how much would that cost in France, in Brazil, in China, etc.

        • Mike Porro

          Take your pick, Ghetto or gentrified former Ghetto now uber expensive.

  • Harvey J. Hellwell

    What this is telling you is that the dollar has strengthened/weakened by this percentage in each country. For example, the dollar is stronger against the Euro than the Argentine Peso meaning it would cost less for you to eat, take local tours, buy souvenirs in France than in Argentina though everything would certainly cost somewhat more in France than in Argentina. In Canada it’s mostly the same price with the Canadian Dollar/US Dollar.

  • Ben Gazi

    rates are accurate as of Oct. 24, 2014…worthless info

  • Don Langosta

    US$1 = 106.17 JPY

  • occupywat

    by the time u rate the dollar it changed … fx daily trading is $4 trillion worldwide

  • Dennis Wilson

    There is an Android app called “ConvertPad” that has an extensive currency converter as well as other measures.

  • tianmeiguo

    How much is a dozen eggs in Kraków?

    • Accurite

      12 eggs

      • north american

        What, no Baker’s Dozen?

        • Accurite

          No Sir, just 12


    The Euro?

  • Chewbacca2000

    Im with the stig. Terribly written article. All of the countries are in alphabetical order as well under countries with the best exchange rate. Does little to compare and contrast inflation or real costs of “stuff”. I’d give back to Elyssa Kirkham and kindly ask her to re do or accept the F.

  • jj abraham

    What an absolutely terribly written article with a deceptively misleading title. UTTER WASTE OF TIME. F-

  • JJ108

    Incomprehensibly written article.

  • usbajonas

    Calculater is messed up. If I exchange 1000 dollars for Cad dollars, I better get more than 13 bucks!!

  • arterdee

    crappy web site-a lot of jumping around

  • aztec69

    Title has nothing to do with the article. I recently paid USD 18 and change for a milk shake and a bottle of water in Paris. I price compared 20 different kinds of fruit at markets in the USA and Paris and 19 of the items were more expensive in Paris — raspberries were SIX times higher in Paris!

  • Lonewolf6

    Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever traveled to. I recommend it to anybody.

  • As a consumer you will never get the interbank exchange rate. There will always be a markup by the banks, by the FX counters at the airport, by your ATM cards etc. How much of a markup, this is something you can control.
    Brazil – your dollars will last longer here. Drinks and food is reasonable and if you dont mind, entertainment can be cheap (think street parties etc).
    Certain parts of France is great, especially the small towns. South of France is very reasonable. Paris = expensive but all bigger cities are (and the tourist ones like NICE).

    Spain – Madrid, has the best menu del dia where one can eat a 3 course lunch, wine and bread for about 10-15euro. Renting a room (shared facilities) will set you back 300-600euro per month. Taxis are comfortable and cheap too if you use Uber and cabify. North of Spain = free tapas with drinks!

    New Zealand – it is starting to be an expensive country where once it was cheap. Given the USDNZD today, the strength of the NZD, $1USD $1.35 (ish), it won’t go far given mains will cost $25-30NZD in a normal restaurant. Hire a car when you are there, works out cheaper and better.

    UK – London – expensive accommodation, though in food and drinks you can find some happy hours and deals. Basics like bread and milk are reasonable (1.5-2GBP a loft and 79p a pint). Outside of London, it is far better in making your $$ stretch.

    UAE – Dubai – starting to become expensive, renting a room (long term) will cost 5000-7000AED per month. Drinking is not cheap unless you can make all the happy hours. Though for girls, most places will offer free drinks for ladies nights. Go for the all you can eat buffet, 150-400AED, which is a good deal. Taxis are cheap, airport to Marina Dubai about 100AED, and so is drycleaning!

    If you are going to Europe, or if you have some (large) amount of money to exchange, this is a good cal to use: