We Found Out What’s in Warren Buffett’s Wallet

Warren Buffett might have billions in the bank, but what does he keep in his wallet?

Having a billion dollars in the bank is something that the average American can only dream about, but a select few of the world’s wealthiest people carry that kind of purchasing power around in their back pockets. Warren Buffett, the investment mogul behind Berkshire Hathaway who ranks second on Forbes’ 2017 Billionaires List, is one such influencer.

Despite his humble nature, Warren Buffett continues to be the embodiment of what all novice investors and entrepreneurs hope to achieve financially. Followers are always working to get near Buffett’s level; sometimes they even get an opportunity to get close to his billions — symbolically, at least. Warren Buffett’s wallet is almost as famous as the man himself, and he’s posed with it out in countless pictures, encouraging his photo mates to do the same.

So What’s in Warren Buffett’s Wallet?

GOBankingRates found that the Oracle of Omaha is actually pretty practical about what he carries around in his pocket. We asked Buffett: “What’s always in your wallet (aside from your ID), and why can’t you leave home without it?”

Buffett shared two items that he cherishes so much that he always keeps them close at hand. “I’ve got pictures of my children when they were young, and there are pictures of my grandchildren when they were young,” Buffett said. The $75 billion investor also noted, “I have a $50 dollar bill from a bank we owned in Rockford, Ill., that’s signed by the fella who ran the bank for me. They issued their own currency, so I carry that around for good luck.”

Clearly, the billionaire is nostalgic and a little superstitious — not necessarily qualities you would expect of an accomplished entrepreneur. But who knows, perhaps the items inside the infamous wallet speak to Buffett’s riches.

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  • stacy warren

    Tell me how I can get my photo with warren

    • ORChuck

      Six degrees of separation.

    • asconn

      buy 1000 shares of BRK-A and you’ll probably get his attention … Recent close: 208,445.00/share

    • D artist


  • sonyawiley

    Dear Warren,
    Much love from the people who love U Sonya Wiley, and I’m going to speak for Peter Alexander. A new addition to our love bunch.

  • Tim

    “There are 3 kinds of lies: white lies, d–n lies, and statistics” attributed to Benjamin Disraeli. I am a great admirer of Warren Buffet, but with a fortune of $33 billion, the remaining 1% of his fortune is still $330 million.

    • BADGUY10100

      Which MEANS: He’s in the top 1%…of the top 1%….of the top 1%……

    • Gerald

      Tim…Tim…Tim… you are using a Mark Twain quote…there are (3) types of lies…Lies, damn lies, and statistics

      • Tim

        Benjamin Disareli said it first. Twain is just better known in the US.

        • Just Saying

          The term was popularised in the United States by Mark Twain (among others), who attributed it to the 19th-century British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli (1804–1881): “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” However, the phrase is not found in any of Disraeli’s works and the earliest known appearances were years after his death. Other coiners have therefore been proposed, and the phrase is often attributed to Twain himself.

          • Tim

            I stand corrected, sir.

    • coloretaf

      And your point is? His heirs wind up with enough that they never have to worry, and he also helps a whole lot of other people out through donations. Just because most of us can’t imaging what hundreds of millions is like doesn’t mean he can’t do what he feels like with his fortune.

      • Tim

        Ah, my point is not about Mr. Buffet, or the vast fortune he earned, while striving to do so in an ethical manner. Rather, it was about an attempt to use percentages in an article without considering the magnitude of the underlying data. You can see the same attempted effect by “journalists” that point out that Wal-Mart runs less than a 2% net profit margin on its primary retail sales. They neglect to mention that 2% of $1 trillion in sales is $20 billion, a very respectable one-year profit

  • SATom

    “..What’s in Warren Buffett’s Wallet…?”
    I know ! It’s an I.O.U. from Barack Obama !

    • Samurai_Sam

      I think you nailed it.

      • okieggma

        I would rather owe President Obama than the Koch-roach brothers.

        • Samurai_Sam

          What you really mean to say is that you’d rather owe George Soros! Or are you going to try and deny that he is the left wings version of the Koch brothers? Why don’t you look at the hypocrisy in your own party? Oh wait a minute you can’t see it because it’s blurred by the Fool-Aid you’ve been drinking!

    • Sicario505


  • Will

    Note how Warren never completely lets go of his wallet when he allows someone “hold” it. I wouldn’t either…I’m very “careful with money” (cheap), as a Seinfeld character once said of George Costanza.

    • sweet2

      Number one, Warren Buffett’s a smart man he knows not to carry a lot of money on himself. And Number two, I’m sure Mr. Buffett has bodyguards I mean someone could rob him.

  • HerculesLoadmaster

    I am embarrassed that Sammy Hagar took a picture with that phony Warren Buffett.

  • Mark M

    Sammy Hagar looks like he died years ago, and now it’s just someone walking around in a Sammy Hagar caricature mask. Like it was drawn by those guys on the street that will sketch your portrait in 5 minutes.

    • Be nice

      Only losers make fun of people because of their looks.

      • Will

        Be nice,

        You got that right.

      • Mark M

        Only losers call other people losers because of their comments

        • ryan simon

          Only losers get into a circular argument with other losers about being a loser….oh, wait.

  • eifeldude

    One of only two Billionaires I admire, and only because the are great liberals

  • drVonSectomy

    Common sense pays well.

  • Boltman

    Buffet owns a railroad that is hauling oil down from Canada.That is why Odumbo has stopped the building of a pipeline.Old Buffett didn’t become a Billionare by being stupid.He is making more Billions off the pipeline not being built.That’s why Buffett backed this idiot that had never had a job.

    • leemd46

      where do you dig up this stuff?

      • 64MSGS

        In 2009, Buffet acquired the majority share of Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad which spans from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. The revenue generated by BNSF is driven by the freight they carry between locations, including oil. Buffett has a strong relationship with Obama and is influential with lawmakers in Washington DC. Aside from the people who are fighting against the pipeline for environmental reasons, he is fighting to prevent it to preserve his profits for himself and his shareholders (not a bad thing for a capitalist). He also is fighting for rail because it is greener than shipping oil from Canada to the Gulf via truck, but it is less green than if it was sent via a pipeline. And since he doesn’t own the pipeline (yet), he is essentially working against it. You can Google all this yourself in most financial sites, but thought I’d save you the trip…

        • leemd46

          according to a NY Times article “Since 1990, more than 110 million gallons of mostly crude and petroleum products have spilled from the nation’s (USA)mainland pipeline network….“There are still more than 100 significant spills each year — a trend that dates back more than 20 years. And the percentage of dangerous liquids recovered by pipeline operators after a spill has dropped considerably in recent years.” Now @64MSGS how green are pipelines?

          • 64MSGS

            Not sure what’s driving your snarky closure at the end, but pipelines are far more green than trains for day-to-day operations by a mile (pun intended)…Carbon dioxide output from trains is higher than a pipeline because a pipeline has virtually no emissions, except for small amounts of petroleum vapor when the pipes are opened for loading and unloading. Accidents are a related but separate comparison. I haven’t compared the degree of pollution generated from pipeline, rail, and truck transport, but since the 24 year-old Times article doesn’t provide any comparative data regarding spills from trains and trucks, the only real takeaway is that pipeline technology needed to improve in 1990. It doesn’t however refute the evidence that normal operations of pipelines are ‘more’ green than rail transport.

          • leemd46

            Actually the article I quoted was written in 2013. And, since CAN and US are connected, an interview, I saw while in the Maritimes last year at this time, quoted an increase of pipeline flaws causing an increased number of leaks since 2000. It quoted that spills and leaks involving regulated pipelines had doubled since 2000. That included both oil and natural gas. And concerning natural gas, there is the cumulative effects of methane leaks, which definitely compounds global warming and air quality. HOWEVER, with all that said, I do acknowledge that trains are not the answer for transporting. There isn’t a a safe, clean manner to transport the oil and gas that is fracked which is in its self an environmental demon that is insuring our remaining tied to fossil fuels for the forseeable future. Too bad all that money had not been used for generating substainable energy. Sorry that my last line appeared “snarky” to you…and I agree it was.

          • 64MSGS

            Sounds like we are probably more aligned than not, my friend. 🙂 I really think we are moving in the right direction. Pipelines are still best but they definitely need work. Trucks….well I might want to drive one when I retire but other than that not so good 😉 Techniques for extracting oil…I want to believe fracking is just a way of elongating the transition to green energry but I fear that it’s hurtful to the environment and people. The question then remains, what’s a worthy investment for our future? I ike the exchange here, so please reply back. We may come up with something!

          • BOLTMAN

            I’ll give you a clue,leemd46.I didn’t dig this up on MSNBC.I got it from a non corrupt site that didn’t tell me how wonderful this community organizer was.

    • Charlie Perrin

      Warren Buffett (correct spelling) is in favor of Keystone XL Phase IV even though it may cut down the income of the BNSF Railway. The profitable Western freight railways all have more business than they can handle.

  • SamyyCiao

    Warren still looking for a way to take it with him – Nope Warren all the hard work and people you screwed over will not miss you one bit – maybe you should consider burying all your wealth with you!

    • leemd46

      what are you talking about…people you screwed over? Examples please.

      • leemd46

        Actually, he is busy using his wealth for the good of humanity…doesn’t plan on leaving his family a large portion like ol’ Sam Walton did.

        • SATom

          “For the good of humanity” ; AS WARREN BUFFET WANTS IT TO BE !

          • okieggma

            Actually he is working with Bill and Melinda Gates.

          • Leland Wheatley

            I lost business ,home, in depd 200,000. Had total car deck,, loss left leg. In his fot 2month and nûrsening home for 12. Month can’t walk or stand’. Lost 12 units. Of blood then I got mersi twice had a 8 hour operation on my back got no home. Car life insurance igf you and your friends could, bound to wheel chair need van with lift any help would help. I wish more help could be done in USA my income is ss1289 per months’ please. Helb, you will be bless

      • SATom

        If you need to ask, you don’t live here !

  • Jkmcb

    What brand wallet does he have?

    • Sicario505


  • ryan simon

    A condom?

  • Samurai_Sam

    It says that Buffett wants to pay more taxes. As far as I know there is nothing stopping him from doing it. However I don’t think he needs to since he already pays millions. Not a big fan of his ever since I found out he’s an Obama Stooge but he has done a lot of philanthropic work over the years and unlike the money that we give to the government to “redistribute” his donations go directly to the charities. Whereas once the government gets finished skimming off the top there’s less than one percent left over for the charity it was bound for

    • Sicario505

      The key word in your comment is ” Charities ”
      Few of them pass on your donation to what you think your donating to.

      • Samurai_Sam

        I couldn’t agree with you more! What you say is absolutely true however we do know what happens when the government gets a hand on it which is even scarier than not knowing.

  • Tom Marshall

    Some real losers in here…

  • Kent Martin

    Hey Warren Buffett me with BIG BUCKS !

  • Itchy

    A very old trojan. Real old.

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  • Marla Sandve

    I live in Iowa, I am going to a meeting tonight to discuss the pipeline. I’m not excited about eminent domain taking farm ground or the thought of an oil spill in my back yard.