See Which Countries Stretch Your Social Security Check the Furthest

See where you should retire if you rely on Social Security.

If your retirement plans center solely on your social security check, you’re in for a rude awakening financially: The average Social Security check is only $1,413.08 a month and the program is only intended to replace 40 percent of an average retiree’s salary.

Residing in a foreign country with lower living expenses will mean your Social Security dollars can cover more. Check out in which countries your American retirement dollars go further.

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Head over to Deutschland if you’re okay with some beautiful scenery, efficient public transit and the best beer gardens in the world. Although the cost of living isn’t exactly a bargain — you’ll only be left with $56 a month from your Social Security check after expenses — you’ll have plenty of amenities to make up for your income disparity.


For retirees who are trying to stay a little closer to home, look no further than the Great White North. With one of the best retirement plans in place for their own citizens, if you decide to flee to the land of the maple leaves, you’ll be met with notably kind countrymen, gorgeous views and renowned healthcare. The downside? The housing cost in Canada is some of the highest in the globe, which brings your Social Security check down to $102 after expenses.


If you’re seeking a new life filled with adventure in your retirement years, look no further than the “Land of Smiles.” Your dollar will stretch pretty far in Thailand — the highest cost you’ll face in Thailand is the food, but you’ll be able to indulge in some of the best cuisines in the world. Overall, you’ll not only have hospitable locals, world-class diving and lush scenery — you’ll also have $612 a month leftover from your Social Security check, too.


Indonesia promises retirees a comfortable life in the Far East for a very comfortable budget. With average housing and food costs of $252.63 and $186.12, take your Social Security check to Indonesia to explore the largest archipelago on the globe — with $921 per month leftover.


If you choose to retire in Egypt, you’ll save a massive amount on your monthly expenses — and you won’t even have to live in a pyramid. Egypt boasts the lowest average monthly housing cost at just $157.70, which gives you extra cash left over to explore numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites with the excess $1,130 you’ll have every month. Overall, that makes Egypt one of the cheapest countries to live in.

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Methodology: GOBankingRates analyzed the critical cost of living factors, such as monthly food prices, monthly housing costs (average monthly rent) and monthly utilities, for 100 major countries around the world, sourced from Based on the average Social Security check of $1,413.08, sourced from SSA, we then subtracted the cost of living expenses and determined which countries would allow for the most income leftover.