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Quick Take: Blackout Bingo, part of the Skillz games platform, is a mobile app for Android and iOS users, available in the Google Play store and in the App Store. Developed by Big Run Studios, the game combines luck and skill in a digital twist to the classic Bingo casino game. Easy to play, with a fun interface and cute graphics, Blackout Bingo makes it easy to hone your skills for free. You also have the option to earn money in cash matches.
  • Price of Game
  • How Much You Can Make
  • Depositing Money Into a Bank Account
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  • Free to download and play
  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Get matched with players of similar skill levels
  • Earn cash and prizes
  • 2-minute games are easy to fit into any schedule
  • No ads
  • Fun to play


  • Can't win cash without paying money
  • Takes a long time to win cash
  • Cash winnings not permitted in a handful of states
  • $2 monthly maintenance fee taken from your winnings if you are inactive on Skillz platform for 6 months
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Blackout Bingo Overview

Blackout Bingo is part of the Skillz gaming platform and allows players to win cash and prizes for playing bingo against other users. You can achieve bingo in four different ways: with a horizontal line of 5 squares, a vertical line, a diagonal line or by daubing all four corners.

Many people earn extra pocket cash playing games on their phone. But how easy is it to play Blackout Bingo? How much does it cost? And how much money can you really make?

Key Features

Blackout Bingo earned its score of 4.2 out of 5 stars with the following features.

Price of Game

Blackout Bingo is free to download and play on Android or iOS devices. You can earn merchandise and gift cards playing for free, although it will take a long time to accrue enough Zs — the official currency of Skillz games — or Ticketz, which are redeemable for cash prizes, to earn prizes or money.

If you want to start playing for cash, you can play head-to-head against players of similar skill levels or play in tournaments of 4 to 32 players. One-on-one games cost between 60 cents and $465, while tournaments cost between $3 and $160.

Make Your Money Work For You

How Much Can You Make

In 2014, Skillz founder and CEO Andrew Paradise told CNBC that one player on the Skillz platform won $46,000. In the 100,000 tournaments in various games, daily, Skillz pays out roughly $10,000 to players each day. A portion of that, of course, goes to Blackout Bingo players, which has 5 million players, according to the App Store.

If you’re looking to play for money, you can earn $1 for winning a head-to-head match with an entry fee of 60 cents. A $6 game could earn you $10, for a net-win of $4. Of course, if you lose, you also lose your entry fee.

You can also earn money by collecting Ticketz that you earn by winning games. However, you need to earn 20,000 Ticketz to collect $1. You can earn up to 500 Ticketz in pay-to-play games. Players acknowledge that it takes a long time to earn enough tickets to claim a significant amount of cash.

Perhaps the easiest way to make money at Blackout Bingo is by referring your friends to the game. You can earn $20 when a friend downloads Blackout Bingo using your code and deposits $10 into their account to play.

Make Your Money Work For You

Players in Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana and South Dakota cannot win cash prizes, but can trade in Ticketz for merchandise.

If you do not play any Skillz games for six months, a $2 monthly maintenance fee will be deducted from your earnings.

If you earn more than $600 in a calendar year, Skillz may send you a 1099-MISC form reporting income earned. However, you can deduct all the money you paid to play the game from your earnings. It’s smart to speak to a tax professional if you have questions about 1099 income from lotteries, games or prize winnings.

Depositing Money Into a Bank Account

When you win money in Blackout Bingo, you have the option of cashing out through PayPal or Apple Pay or the credit or debit card you used to fund your account. If you prefer, you can request a check. Keep in mind that any withdrawal under $10 will have a $2 fee assessed. Additionally, if you withdraw funds to your PayPal account and want to transfer the money to your bank account, PayPal will assess fees for an instant withdrawal.

Make Your Money Work For You

The easiest way to transfer your Blackout Bingo winnings directly to your bank account is to use a debit card linked to your bank to fund your Skillz account.

How Blackout Bingo Stands Out

With quick, two-minute games, Blackout Bingo is a fun way to earn cash and prizes. The $20 referral fee can help you earn fast cash if you get several friends playing.

Comparable Blackout Bingo Options

If you want to make money playing games, there are plenty of options available.

Bingo Clash

If you like playing Bingo on your phone, Bingo Clash is another option. Rated #3 in Casino Games in the App Store, with a 4.4-star average rating, Bingo Clash is on the Pocket7Games platform and developed by AviaGames, Inc.

Like Blackout Bingo, the game allows you to play in tournaments or one-on-one games for cash or prizes. There are also no ads. The only way to cash out, however, is through PayPal.

Ultimately, it may come down to whether you prefer the Skillz or Pocket7Games platform, if you’re playing games for cash.

Make Your Money Work For You

Solitaire Cube

Solitaire Cube is another game on the Skillz platform, which means you can play it to keep your Skillz account active and avoid the $2 fee. Easy to learn and fun to master, the game format is the classic Klondike solitaire game. But you can win cash and prizes by playing head to head.

How To Apply

To start playing Blackout Bingo, download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Customize your name or avatar and start playing a practice game for free.

Once you are comfortable with the format, enter a credit card, debit card, PayPal or Apple Pay account to fund your Skillz account and play for cash.

Who Blackout Bingo Is Best For

If you like playing games on your phone and want to earn money while you do it, Blackout Bingo could be fun. However, if you’re looking to make money in your free time, there are faster ways to do it. If you are a bingo enthusiast, Blackout Bingo makes it easy to play anywhere, including the comfort of your own home.

Final Take

Blackout Bingo is a fun, easy game where you can earn real money. Keep in mind that it’s also possible to lose money unless you stick with the free option.


Here are the answers to some common questions about Blackout Bingo and other mobile bingo games.
  • Do you actually win money on Blackout Bingo?
    • Yes, you can win money in pay-to-play games on Blackout Bingo in states where it is legal to win cash prizes.
  • How much does it cost to play Blackout Bingo?
    • Blackout Bingo games range from free to hundreds of dollars to play.
  • What is a blackout in bingo?
    • A "blackout" in bingo is when you "daub" the entire card to fill every spot. You don't need to get a blackout to win Blackout Bingo.
  • Is there a bingo app that pays real money?
    • Blackout Bingo, Bingo Clash and other bingo apps allow you to win real money competing on your mobile device against players across the country.

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Make Your Money Work For You

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